Pocket Casts

Continuous playback over notifications and more bug fixes than you can shake a stick at

Since making the move to a completely new design with Pocket Casts 4, a few lingering bugs have been piling up. Those are getting squashed today, along with a few new feature adds, with a big update to the app today. First up, the update brings the option to have playback not be interrupted by notifications, which is still set to be off by default. The sharing menu for podcasts has also received a tweak that gives you three simple options -- email, other apps, copy link -- to cut down on the interface clutter. You can now mark every episode from a certain podcast as "unplayed", and long-pressing on the "next" button will skip to the next item in a playlist.

Some of the big user-facing bugs, such as duplicate episode downloads and action bar bugs that showed extra action buttons have been notably fixed. When episode downloads fail, they now properly show up in the "not downloaded" filter once again. There are also many more back-end issues that have been fixed as well. If you haven't had a chance to see Pocket Casts in action, now may be the time -- grab a download from the Play Store link above.


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Pocket Casts updated with improvements and fixes galore


Have they added support for podcasts that require authentication with a username and password? That's been the missing feature that has kept me from trying it.

doubtful. They never implemented authentication in the previous version and don't seem to be in any rush to support in this one.

I've always been able to stream. Just click on the podcast and it will bring up the option to download or stream.

As much as I LOVE the design of Pocket Cast, I can't bring myself to use it over BeyondPod.

I love that in BeyondPod I can set it to turn on wifi for downloads (I keep wifi off at work. It blocks my google notifications/updates.) That and there isn't enough flexibility in download scheduling and episode retention.

I wish PocketCast and BeyondPod would have a baby.

This new version includes some Tasker support, so that might be a way of bringing that flexibility. I have both Pocket Casts and BeyondPod, but the author of BeyondPod really needs to hire a professional UI designer to give it a make-over. I just found it too unpleasant to use.

Just like you, I bought both of them and was using beyondpod as my primary podcaster well until pocketcasts 4.0!!! Never looked back

I'm in the same boat. After setting up the app, I never need to open BeyondPod. I can do everything from the widget.

The BeyondPod widget looks a whole lot better than PocketsCasts' too. I've tried to use PocketCasts 3 different times and even though I think they deserve the money I spent on the app, it's just not as good as beyondpod.

PSA: BeyondPod syncs podcasts between devices now, just opt-in to the beta versions in the settings.

An FYI that the widget got a makeover in pocketcasts 4. Just incase you wanted to take another look, definitely better than the old one.

"You can now mark every episode from a certain podcast as "unplayed""

That sort of does away with the one thing Pocket Casts is useless at - digging into back catalogues. Sort of. Would still be easier to simply mark played episodes.

Can you rearrange playlists yet? Unfortunately a dealbreaker for me which keeps me on beyondpod.

Edit / nope, still can't sort a playlsit by anything but date. Too bad because I like the app otherwise.

+1. They lost a lot of functionality in 4. They really need to bring custom sorting back. Might email, the developers are pretty sound.

Yes, you can. Just long press on the item in the playlist until its background changes and then just drag it up or down to where you want it and release. Keep in mind that there are two types of playlists: "smart playlists" and "regular playlists". The custom sorting only works with "regular playlists".

I have a love-hate relationship with Pocket Casts. The UI is great, and their server-side sync makes syncing happen really quickly. However, their servers often fail to update a handful of the podcasts to which that I subscribe. At best the episodes appear in PC a day or two after they were actually published. However, every week I have a few episodes that don't ever show up in Pocket Casts.

You know, I'm continually amazed at how much press this lackluster app gets. There are better and far more mature podcasting apps that are ignored.

I like the interface of Pocket Casts, but still prefer BeyondPod. Especially the sleep function, it is very easy to reach, not multiple menus to get to. I use this multiple times at night, as I listen to podcast. I don't want the whole podcast to play, so easy access to this button is important to me..