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HTC smartphones will become the first non-Sony devices to receive PlayStation certification, according to reports from British tech site Pocket-Lint. Citing its own insider sources, the site claims that an announcement will be made later this year.

So far PlayStation certification, which allows PlayStation titles to be played through an Android-based compatibility layer, has only been available on a selection of Sony and Sony Ericsson devices. The Xperia Play was the first to launch, followed by the Xperia Arc and Xperia Acro, then later the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P. Scoring PS certification would be a boon for HTC, as it looks to differentiate its 2012 line-up after a difficult Q4. HTC is expected to show off new handsets at Mobile World Congress, possibly including the "Ville" and "Endeavor", which we've seen in recent online leaks.

As with any major announcement of this kind, it's possible that we'll see it at MWC, however today's reports indicate that an announcement during the second half of the year is more likely. Be sure to keep watching AC over the next couple of weeks for all the latest MWC developments.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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PlayStation certification rumored for HTC phones later this year


more gimmicks HTC? Sense, 3D, Beats, and now PlayStation?

i wonder if this will help or hurt sales.

Yes, gimmicks.
I'm sure if they were on your beloved phone instead they would be considered awesome features and you'd be bragging to your friends about.
It's not like manufacturers are trying to differentiate or anything.

Not necessarily. In fact, these very features are what have *kept* me from buying another HTC phone so far. Adding the dual cameras (with accompanying bulkiness) to the Evo 3D was a bloody silly thing to do, and definitely kept me from upgrading my OG Evo ahead of the contract's end. That level of thickness in a modern device should be for a larger default battery or something *useful.*

Beats? Uhm, pass. Dedicated Sony gaming certification? Could be interesting... but I would hope that HTC doesn't try to force customers interested in a flagship product with unwanted stuff; perhaps they could have different high-end models aimed at specific users: performance, 3d, gaming, etc. ?

If you're going to try to differentiate on something try focusing on a competitive combination of performance and battery life. Or the build quality of materials. Going the NASCAR route and throwing a mess of other companies' products and logos onto the device probably isn't a winning strategy.

I never understood why Sony limited themselves by only putting PSN on Sony devices. With their console business model they basically give away consoles and make money on software. I would think they'd be happy to ditch hardware manufacturing on the mobile front and just license their software.

The reason mobile games are so popular is because they're convenient. I don't want to buy a sub par (sony) phone just to play their last gen (now mobile) games. If this is successful it will really hurt Nintendo.

In my opinion, this is far less of a gimmick than the previous attempts HTC has made. How can you compare Sony games on your phone to Beats audio and a 3D camera?... If they do this, I would purchase a PSN phone without the bulk of a physical gamepad and just use the Sixxaxis app w/ps3 controller whenever I want to game.

Edit: Ofcourse, this will only work if Sony gets it together and offers more quality games on their Mobile PSN. And... as much as I like the sixxaxis app Sony would have to find a more elegant gamepad solution to attract the average user.

Extended battery life is ALWAYS welcome. However it would be nice to have more phones with a dedicated gaming controller. Especially one with better specs and larger screen than the Sony Xperia Play.

It would be nice if there were other gaming phones out there other than the Sony Xperia Play. There is definately a market in targeting gamers for phones. I have an Xperia Play and I would love it another company would make a better device. Only reason why I got the XP was that it was (and still is) the only phone with a physical gaming controller.

I love what I'm hearing I just hope it works great and your android can become a controler for the ps3 and it comes to the older dual core phones with 4.0