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Well, it's about damn time. The Play Store on its official Google+ page announced that Verizon will be offering carrier billing of apps, books, subscriptions and other content. The page indicates that the feature will be rolling out in the next few weeks. This couldn't come any sooner and we really wonder what has taken so long to implement. The other carriers in the U.S. have offered carrier billing even back to when the Play Store was still called the Android Market.

What really matters is the more ways people have to pay for content and apps in the Play Store, the better.

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Play Store carrier billing coming to Verizon


And what's in it for verizon, verizon gives nothing to its consumer for free. They'll probably add interest on it like a small loan from a bank. "Verizon, we nickle and dime you to death"

Hmmm...I just assumed all carriers offered this. Until recently this is how I paid for all of my Google Play purchases on Sprint.

Not really a big deal... I never noticed that Verizon didn't have carrier billing when I ditched Sprint. Always had a card on file that I transfer money to just for frivolous spending... Would never have it 'billed'... If you don't have a buck to spend at the moment you want to 'buy' then billing apps to the phone bill is just foolish anyway...

Virizon was probably dragging their feet trying to figure out how to milk more $$ from their customers from play store purchases. But then they finally realized that they'll nail the customer for using data for play store purchases.

Youre already using data when you are using the play store unless you are on wifi. Just billing an app to them wont change that.