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Pitfall! Now! On! Android!


I remember the old version on the Atari 2600, I got Activision Anthology in order to play the old version (which has bad controls on my Gnex--+1 to Sixaxis for making it playable), may try this one too.

Same here.

This type of "infinite run" gameplay doesn't give me even a hint of nostalgia for the original. Seems like a bit of a cash grab to attach that little blurb of the original in the beginning and the Pitfall name to Temple Run.

Does anyone know if the in-app purchasing is the same as it is on iOS?

Disappointed and disgusted as I know there is a huge market for real retro games - not for some crappy Temple Run knockoff that is trying to cash in (yes it's free but there are in app purchases).

It would be Ok, except Activision chose to not bother optimizing the graphics. Tegra 2 is absolutely murdered by this game, it lags and stutters hard. Couldn't even exit the game, I had to battery pull. For a game with 3d graphics this simple, that's inexcusable. I can play games with graphics that look 10x better without any lag or stutter at all.