Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge

IFA 2014 Today ahead of IFA 2014, Samsung announced not one but two new Galaxy Note handsets — the metal-clad Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge, the first curved-screen Note with new software to take advantage of its "Edge screen." We've already gone in depth with the Note 4 and the Note Edge in our hands-on features, but for a side-by-side look at both handsets you'll want to take a look at our gallery down below.


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In pictures: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs. Note 4


Yes, you are sorry.

And Google's design and use of 'on screen buttons' as incorporated by the vast majority of manufacturers is not awful.

Obviously, your opinion is irrelevant.

I simply cannot envision a scenario where the side screen would be useful. I can only see it as a battery drain that isn't needed,

I don't think the extra 3/4" of pixels are going to seriously impact battery. I will admit it's very gimmicky.


If you watched the event, you'd know that you can use the side screen to check notifications and such without turning the main screen on at all. So you actually use less battery since you're not turning the big screen on 100 times a day to see who just texted or emailed you.

I did watch the video and to be honest, even that use scenario isn't practical. Unless the phone is sitting lengthwise and edge up, it will be easier on the eyes to just open the case or turn it on and read on a large screen.

I thought that too but isn't that what a Smart Watch is for.. But more options are good, we will see how it sells in comparison to the Note 4.


Personally, I'm a meeting I usually have the note open and am taking notes on it. I will have messaging opened in a small window so if I get a message I can just expand it to see or just review it in the notifications otherwise.

But like you said, options. I'm just glad they made a regular note form factor.

MOre options are good, but my thoughts are have the edge facing you and you do not have to make any movement to see the missed call or the text....

It does look interesting (edge) but it looks wider now and i already know te note is a wilde phone...

I wonder how are going tot fit a case on it??

How do you hold this phone?

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Let me get that edge screen on the next nexus and I'll be super stoked. I like it its just wrapped around touchywhiz ...

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Both will be too expensive. I am happy with my oneplus one which costs $350 for 64gb. Let me know when a flagship phone gets to that price.

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LOL...whose mother did you have to take a picture of (not nude of couse) and post for the contest? Or did you smash yours? Or buy and invite....or....oh whatever, enjoy your phone.

I got a system invite from oneplus. Actually got 5. They are all gone now. Should be getting shareable invites soon.

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That Note edge is such a gimmick but will see how it sells. If priced higher it won't sell, but maybe people will like it and sell millions just like when the original Note came out.

Ian B

i'm at a loss now in deciding on which phone to get this fall. It's down to either the Note Edge but I am iffy about that edge keeping the phone from being able to actually have a rugged case like Otterbox. And then second choice is the Nexus 6/Motorola Shamu which appears to be coming in 2 flavors 5.2" and 5.9" screens with Android L stock. i guess need to see what Motorola does about hopefully an OIS with the Shamu.

I am also undecided if I will be getting the Note 4 or the Note 4 edge. I will have to play with both before I make that decision. I am a little confused on why only the Edge has a 64 GB model. But 32 GB is still enough for me especially since I have a 64 GB SD card for my music, pictures and videos.

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