Galaxy S5 accessories

Flip covers, S View covers, batteries, wireless chargers, watch straps and more!

Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy S5 smartphone and Gear wearable devices, and along with it the company is launching a slew of new accessories, which were on show at its Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona today. There's the standard array of cases, including wireless charging backs, S View covers and regular flip covers, together with replacement batteries and straps for the Gear devices. Some cases and straps even come in designer variants, with offerings from Samsung partner Nicholas Kirkwood.

We've got pictures of all the accessories on show at Unpacked after the break, so go check 'em out. And hit up the ShopAndroid newsletter to learn when these accessories go on sale.


Reader comments

In pictures: Official Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 accessories


Will be skipping these. Note 3 is good and I own without contract. Learned my lesson with first gear. Poor watch, poor support.

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Root the watch and give it all the support you want, just search for it over at XDA. Put NULL_ ROM on it, you will love it.

This is starting to look all to familiar.
At the Note 3 launch, they showed off all the cool cases and backs. It's pretty much damn near impossible to find those in store now!

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Love all the accessories. The SGS5 with a new watch with matching case and watchband is a great gift to myself. Can't think of anyone more deserving. Can You?????

The designs for the covers and watch bands look like they are made for the Jr High crowd!! You would think with something that cost so much you could get better looking designs.

Well, I do see these kids with the same if not better gadgets than me. So go figure.

I am Aquaman!