Moto G.

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Motorola has just unveiled its latest smartphone, the wallet-friendly Moto G, which goes on sale today in parts of Europe and Latin America. We're just getting acquainted with Moto's new affordable wonder, but along with our initial hands-on preview, we've had time to get a good look at the device. And you too can see more of the device in our hands-on gallery after the break...


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In pictures: The Moto G


a little too round for my taste but still a very nice looking device indeed. Love the customization though.

This phone is the equivalent to a top of the line flagship phone 2 years ago. Why get this phone when you can get its equal for a cheaper price?

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because if you buy a phone that was top of the line 2 years ago rather than this, that means you are buying a phone has likely already been ->used<- for two years.

Plus with this phone you'll actually be on 4.3 and soon on 4.4. I'd venture to say most 2 year old phones won't be updated to even 4.3.

A great budget device moto, not one that im interested in as i have my note 3 and the mega 6.3" but for those venturing into the smartphone world and android a good starting point :-)

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Nice look and nice prize. Maybe ill give it a try. Wonder if it got a G-spot xD

on galaxy nexus^^ o-jea!

Excellent deal for $199. The moto x is what $550 unlocked on T-Mobile? Can't they bring that price down for pete I said in an earlier post, the X should be priced to fall more in line with the Nexus devices. Cmon Motoroala