LG G3 vs competitors

We compare the four big Android phones of 2014 — including the just-announced LG G3

The LG G3 is official, and we've got our hands on LG's new, 5.5-inch, quad-HD-screened flagship smartphone. We've also brought along the three leading high-end Android phones — the metal-clad HTC One M8, Samsung's blockbusting Galaxy S5 and Sony's monolithic Xperia Z2. So head on past the break to find out what happens when we get the four big Android phones of 2014 in the same room together...


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In pictures: LG G3 versus Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2


This for me just shows how far behind Samsung are when it comes to aesthetics, it looks horrible compared to the G3, M8 and Z2

On a phone that size, I think a rubberised back is extremely useful. Sort of helps a lot letting you feel confident using it with one hand.

the feel of it is great, my girlfriend has one at the moment, but it look like an S3 from the front and looks horrid from the back

All manufacturers keeps design elements over generations, it's the safe card to play to keep your current buyers happy. And horrid is a really personal opinion. The black one looks really nice i think.

I seem to recall articles about the lead designer stepping down, due to the backlash of the design, so I'd expect something different for the S6, at least. Better or worse, who knows.

Mmmmmm I don't know maybe because of the large 3200mah battery, the high res camera with the largest sensor of the lot, dual front facing speakers, and not to forget waterproofing.
Seems pretty clear to me why it's big. Not sure why it shocks you that much.

Nice, really helps put em into perspective.
Damn the G3 screen is impressive. Was the brightness on the Z2 turned all the way up? Cuz uh....yeah....:-/

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Maybe I'm jaded, or I'm just more interested in spending money on other hobbies right now (camera lenses, new GPUs for my desktop, etc), but none of these phones have done much to make me even remotely consider upgrading from my Nexus 5. Frankly I don't care a whole lot about looks as I'll usually slap a case on, so the fact that my N5 looks plain as heck is a non-factor.

If I had a smaller phone w/a useful lip around the screen (like the Moto X has up top/bottom) I might consider going case-less. Personally I'd rather have a choice of colors (like a red N5, shame it wasn't available at launch, or Moto Maker) than faux metal or even a real metal chassis like the One's. It's kinda funny how metal gets fetish-sized across a lot of industries, I used to blame Apple but even photogs who'd scoff at anything Apple will argue over metal camera lenses and metal mounts vs plastic.

Anyway, the new high(er) DPI screens are nice, and camera improvements are always welcome, but I was happy even w/the 720p displays and my phone isn't my primary camera. I actually want a SMALLER phone, that's one thing I'd upgrade for, a true honest to goodness flagship in a 4.3" form factor or thereabouts. Only reason I didn't pick the Moto X over my N5 was Spark support and initial pricing...

Edit: Just realized they have the G3 available in a few colors so that's nice, I'm a sucker for red even if it's a more muted red than something like the N5. Still not tempted by it tho. I've always liked the back buttons tho, anything's better than the top button I suffered thru with 3 different HTCs. Still dunno why they keep going up top w/power, I'll never buy a phone w/a top power button again, major pet peeve after using a side button.

Looking great and may aquire a G3 to accompany my Z2 and sell my Note 3.

In terms of design the Z2 and G3 and M8 have the S5 looking like the ugly duckling.

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Not that I get to a with Sony all that much (not like the others), it certainly is OK, but not in the same comfort level as the others

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It's funny how small the S5 looks compared to the others...and it's the only one with that annoying physical button breaking up the front...

OK, so they're all great big, shiny, powerful, two-handed monsters. Now for the rest of us, the Moto X+1, please!!

Yeah, the line has officially been crossed IMO... 4" to 4.3" to 4.6" or whatever wasn't the end of the world cause there were aspect ratio changes and whatnot, phones were getting thinner at the same time anyway. We're way beyond that now though, I have fairly long fingers and I still can't reach the top/bottom of my Nexus 5 display w/o adjusting my grip, let alone any of these. Really hoping Moto launches a decent mid-sized phone and continues to support a smaller form factor.

WOW! I was really considering the Sony Z2 and the G3 is certainly no bigger and lighter. Will wait to see more on the G3. I thought for sure a 5.5 inch would be out of bounds for me but is it is certainly not much more than other flagships.

The g3 is very nice still a bit to big for me the g2 is just the right size compared to all of them.

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I prefer the looks of the Z2, despite it being a bigger phone than I'd ever want. The back of the M8 is a beauty, but that black bar at the bottom of the front is still annoying. The G3 looks way better than the G2, although I still don't find it particularly attractive. And the Galaxy S5, well, the less said the better.

Interesting. Seeing them all together makes me appreciate the simple design and utility function of the soft grip back on the Samsung. And it, for me at least, also highlights the gaudiness of the shiny/brushed metal look.

I Think The HTC M8 Looks Great But I'm A Samsung Greek I don't care about Touch wiz but only 2 things i like About the s5 is the screen and that is IP67 But Z2 is water proof but i like samsung cause they keep it simple sometimes plastic can get on your neveous but people have to Give it to samsung cause if u drop the phone it dont crack as easly as the m8 and z2 but people only buy new smartphones cause its new or cause it looks good but u have to sit down and think what type of city u live in and see if that smartphone is right for u if u live in a city where its all ways raining z2 or s5 its best for u but it all comes down to what fit u,