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Pentile, Kernels, ROM's and Verizon's new data plans [From the Forums]


Normally there is a pricing curve related to technology. Usually when a new technology or capability is first release, it is expensive. Then, as time goes by, economies of scale kick in, driving down cost. As more customers take the leap to the new technology the economies of scale, along with competition between providers, serves to drive down prices until the technology or service becomes commoditized. The only two exceptions that I can think of in recent memory are a) cable TV pricing, and b) mobile data plans. I find it revealing that both examples are industries where there has been consolidation among service providers, resulting in less competition. The United States already has the most expensive mobile phone service anywhere in the developed world, and the prices here are increasing at a dizzying pace. Just a year ago one could get a smartphone plan through Verizon that offered unlimited data service for only $30 (for the data portion of the plan). When Verizon's new prices kick in, new customers will be paying $50 for just the first 1GB!

It seems like congress or the FTC should be looking into this.

Things change, people change, companies do wireless plans. I'm moving over to Verizon from T-mobile as soon as my term ends, if not sooner. On T-mobile, the same plan would be 169.99 for unlimited minutes, text and 5 GB of data for two phones. On the new Verizon plan it will be $150 and I will get LTE. Iya a win win for me. My sister had Verizon and she would be paying the same but she would lose her unlimited data, of which she uses a about 1GB ...multiple devices on the new plan gets a better deal than fewer devices. I'm just waiting for AT&T to show their plans before picking. Even though I am sure AT&T is going to be higher or at least about the same.