Logitech Revue

We know, we know. You hackers and modders are itching to get a crack at the Logitech Revue Google TV set-top box. (There's even a $1,000 bounty out there to whomever gets third-party app access working.) A step on the path to proper hackery is seen above -- that's the Revue's recovery screen. Not a whole lot most of users can do with it, and @stericson, who posted the pics on Twitter, hasn't yet said how to get to recovery. But hacking of the Revue is well under way, folks. [@stericson 1, 2; via Android Police]

Logitech Revue

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judasmachine says:


tompro53 says:

Google TV is a flop all of the broadcast company's have blocked Google TV so your just using your Google TV as a computer monitor which any tv now does that easily biggest waste of money ever.

dachewster99 says:

The FTC is voting on net neutrality on Dec 21, which will most likely make blocking content from Google TV illegal. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

TJH132 says:

Spoken like someone who forever wants to scootch the Lay-Z-Boy next to the TV and tether the laptop to the set. GoogleTv definitely has a future. The Revue? Maybe second generation. (And I own this one...)