Logitech Revue

We know, we know. You hackers and modders are itching to get a crack at the Logitech Revue Google TV set-top box. (There's even a $1,000 bounty out there to whomever gets third-party app access working.) A step on the path to proper hackery is seen above -- that's the Revue's recovery screen. Not a whole lot most of users can do with it, and @stericson, who posted the pics on Twitter, hasn't yet said how to get to recovery. But hacking of the Revue is well under way, folks. [@stericson 1, 2; via Android Police]

Logitech Revue


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A peek at the Logitech Revue recovery


Google TV is a flop all of the broadcast company's have blocked Google TV so your just using your Google TV as a computer monitor which any tv now does that easily biggest waste of money ever.

The FTC is voting on net neutrality on Dec 21, which will most likely make blocking content from Google TV illegal. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Spoken like someone who forever wants to scootch the Lay-Z-Boy next to the TV and tether the laptop to the set. GoogleTv definitely has a future. The Revue? Maybe second generation. (And I own this one...)