Heads up, folks: If you're still looking to get a Pebble smartwatch, Amazon currently has them on sale for $120 — that's 20 percent off the full retail price. Best Buy does, too. We've no idea how long that price will last, and it's only good for the black or red colors.

While you're at it, be sure to read through our Pebble roundtable for our take on the wearable.

Thanks, Caleb!

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Jonneh says:

This is probably due to them trying to match Best Buy's promotion, actually.

I still want one, but I'm so curious about Google's version...

talonsmith says:

Same here. Damnit Google hurry up already

outlooker says:

Why would anyone spend money on this when you could get a classy dress watch for the same price?

tgrant1975 says:

Because unlike urself theirs people who are gadget freaks like myself. It's not always about having a classy watch that does nothing but tell time.

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Oh, I wasn't aware that a watch was supposed to serve any other purpose. I mean, who wants a watch that only tells time? Blasphemy.

Nexus 7 :)

bigtnew says:

+1 to the not everyone comment.

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Gekko says:

no. $120 buys shit. try 100X that.

Bwahahahaha says:


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prophoto1 says:

Ok..... seriously!!!!! I can't believe you just made that statement and be apart of this community!

mrmartin86 says:

Figures. I just got mine during Black Friday weekend from Best Buy - $150 but with a $20 gift card.

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japclev says:

Best buy blows dude... quit shopping there. .I was screwed alot by them

mrmartin86 says:

I never shop there except this one time because I was in the market for a Pebble and Best Buy and the Pebble website had it for the same price (after the gift card). After some online research, I saw many horror stories ordering from the website, so the instant satisfaction was worth the same price, plus if I had any issues, it'd make life much easier for returns.

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Gekko says:

i like Best Buy. they have always done right by me. it will be a sad day if anything ever happens to them - there's not a lot of good brick and mortar electronics retailers are left.

bmidd says:

Me too, my local BB matches every price on Amazon and I get it right there, right now.

Xmouse says:

It is really a great watch. Just doing what its meant to do, forwarding all notifications on your phone nothing more nothing less.

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If that's all it does then that doesn't really justify the price, at least for me it doesn't.

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Reciprocal says:

Just bought the Pebble at Best Buy for normal price a couple days ago and they just now let me have for the sale price. Just have to go back to the store and get the difference in cash.

If it works via bluetooth, does someone know how it works if your phone is going through bluetooth in your car?

planoman says:

works fine. I use bluetooth in my car all the time even when I have my pebble on. Also have it paired with my Nexus 5 and Moto X. Comes in handy on those heavy email and text days, especially during meetings.

It sure is nice to have your phone on silent and still get all of your notifications.

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donntiger says:

I thought about it but I think I'll wait for the Galaxy Gear to go on a fire sale or maybe the Gear II. And then there is the mythical Google product I keep hearing about. I'm sure it'll be awesome but I don't know if I'll wait that long.

sxayarath says:

I just purchased today, because Best Buy is ALSO offering $30 off if you sign up and use a .edu e-mail address. I bought it for $89.99 (plus ~$4 shipping). I've been wanting the watch, but couldn't stomach $150 or in fact even $120. Now $95...I'll buy it (although I really wanted to wait for a Google smartwatch). At least my grad school is paying off in some way.

jloz10 says:

Thanks! I didn't realize there was another 30 off coupon, enough for an extra chromecast :)

bigtnew says:

The temptation is strong. But like others I'm so curious about the second wave of these devices. I really want a pedometer built in. That's super important to me. But the limited functionality of the fitbit keeps me waiting for a smart watch that really does it all.

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Not trying to troll Lol. I thought about the pebble but I jumped on the kreyos smartwatch that does just that and a bit more :)


bigtnew says:

That looks great $170 seems a bit expen5, but I suppose you get what you pay for. I'll keep a close eye on this one. Thanks for the heads up.

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Bwahahahaha says:

That actually looks pretty nice. It is a bit expensive, but compared to the pebble, it's worth the little bit extra

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dragonsamus says:

I think I'm going to have to pick one up. Looks very good for $120.

I'm going to guess that these things will still be on the shelf in January and then we'll see a real price cut. I was almost interested in one of these smart watches for my runner wife but there's so many and not all smart watches are equal. And they're expensive as hell. No subsidies there. Ill wait for v2

CountryDevil says:

Although the price is attractive, I think I am going to hold out to see what 2014 bring to the smartwatch scene. I like the concept and like the features of some of the "other" options out there. Would like to see a few more feature enabled options out there that don't cost the same amount as a new phone might off contract.

Tomer Elias says:

Best buy has an extra $30 off on the Pebble if you are a student. Got mine for $90 which is awesome for a watch.