If you want to jump in on the growing smartwatch trend, you could be in luck today as both Amazon and Best Buy are currently holding a sale of the Pebble device. At the moment, the retailers are selling it for $119.99, a $30 savings compared to its normal price of $149.99.

There's no word on how long this price will stay active with these retailers, and it's unlikely that Pebble itself will have a price reduction on the smartwatch in the near future, so this might be a good opportunity to check out one of the most popular products in the wearable technology industry.

The sale comes hot on the heels of the latest Pebble firmware update which allows users to rearrange apps in the launcher. The volume in the Pebble music app can also be adjusted with this new update.

Does this $30 price reduction makes you want to purchase the Pebble, or maybe buy one for a friend if you already have one and like it?

Source: Amazon and Best Buy, via CNET


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Pebble sale now on at Amazon and Best Buy, get yours for just $119


Agreed, after seeing the Moto 360 that thing looks like the ugly calculator watch I used to wear in the 80's. Waiting for the 360 and will buy the first chance it is available. Pebble will need to pick up the pace if it wants to survive.

I have a Pebble and I'm glad to back the pioneer of smart watches. There is something to say about the 10+ days of battery life that one can have if you shut it down at night and turn off the backlight. The Epaper technology is where it's at, so a backlight doesn't have to be on at all times. These are things you need to factor in that people actually want.

Apparently the sale price only applies to the red watch. The black watch is still $150.

Just noticed that the CNET article specifies this.

Thanks for the heads up. It's too bad the sale is only for the red. I was actually considering it since I have some bestbuy credits saved up that would've brought the price under $100. The red just stands out too much for me.

I can tell you that the pebble is a great device. i am still wearing my red kickstarter watch. I love it and the new apps and firmware updates have made it way better then the watch i got over a year ago. that being said at this point I think it is still worth the $120. Now when the moto 360 drops then this will have to go to the under $100 land to stay relevant. I will be keeping my pebble to use when working out because its a great watch but i will be rocking the 360 on the daily for sure!

Drop the Pebble Steel price to ~$150 and I'll start dropping hints for my wife as to what she should get me for my upcoming birthday. Unfortunately I can't wear the regular pebble to work, it doesn't look professional enough.

They should be slashing prices to get as many users as possible before Android Wear hits. And I'd bite on the Steel at a better price point.

How does this version still cost over 100 dollars? That's what baffles me

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my guess is Android Wear will be available shortly after Google I/O on June 25. and iWatch later this year. buying one of these now would be like buying a Palm Treo right before the iPhone or Droid was released.

I'm not paying over $100 for something that reminds me of a gigapet or OG gameboy. These things will be $50 by Christmas.

... you know, before android wear was detailed, so many people on here carried on about the pebble like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even though there were better options available for about the same price. Case in point, Sony SW2... similar price as the pebble, does everything pebble does (often better), but nicer metal-and-glass build (not counting the much pricier Steel), color touch screen, no limit to how many apps and watch faces can be installed...

Sometimes I feel like this bunch isn't much above the Apple fan boys when you all go gaga for inferior products just because that's what everyone else is doing...

It is on the right hand column under "Other Sellers on Amazon". "Sold by:" Ships within 2-3 Weeks

I'm going to wait until the LG watch is $50.00 (two years from now) When the interest in them wear off.... I hope.....

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I don't like the looks of the original Pebble. I wanted the Steel, but Best Buy doesn't carry those in store. I wanted to try one one before buying one.

They did have a Gear 2, which wasn't even on my radar, but I liked it so much I ended up getting one.

That being said, $150 is an insane price for the plastic Pebble. $119 seems pretty high too.

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