Gear 2

Announced during the launch of the Samsung Gear 2 at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, PayPal's dedicated app for the smartwatch is now available.

The app allows you to check-in at local stores to pay for purchases, redeem offers, receive payment notifications, view and manage recent transactions directly from your wrist. The version currently available is listed as 1.40.

If you've got a Gear 2 and a compatible device, head on over to Gear manager to download the PayPal app.

Got PayPal working on your Gear 2 smartwatch? Ran into any roadblocks during the installation? Join the discussion in our forums!

Via: Android Central Forums

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Elsaaliyah says:

Hello Harish, there is no app store that you can go to that's in the watch.

Damn. I just realized that. Thanks for the correction.

ankita9030 says:

That's really good...

Thanks for the tip, I really hope there will be more apps to do this.

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