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Amazon this morning announced that it's penned a deal with NBCUniversal to add Parks and Recreation, Friday Night Lights, Heroes and Battlestar Galactica (and that mythical "and more, it says) to Amazon Prime Instant Video. That means if you have an Amazon Prim account, you can watch as much as you want for free, or until your family leaves you. Your call.

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dwd3885 says:

I'd still rather have Prime Videos available on an Amazon Video app for Android.

h20squirter says:

Yeah. What he said.

milesmcever says:

I agree sad they are keeping this away from their Prime customers, not renewing Prime till they release it.

RichardClark says:


craigwann says:

Agreed, I primed-up in November when I bought my Kindle Fire. I've since sold my Kindle when I bought a Nexus 7. I don't plan to renew my Prime membership until Amazon releases a Instant Video for Android.

tillerrw says:

Every time Amazon adds something to Prime Instant Video I think cool maybe I should switch from Netflix. Then I check out the Netflix website and see that I already had those shows/movies and some of the stuff in my queue isn't available on Prime yet.

There is certainly a savings in Prime over Netflix ($16.88 per year) but still not enough there to convince me to add it or make the jump. If I bought more from Amazon I guess the free 2 day shipping would be enough to push me over the edge.

I agree. Not to mention that I can actually WATCH everything that Netflix streaming offers on my Android phone.

Yep exactly what I'm thinking. Netflix has everything Amazon has and then some.

craigwann says:

You left off the "a" in Galatica and the "e" in Prime. Please send payment for my editing services as soon as possible.

jeffrok says:


jeffrok says:

Just get a Roku.. Plays Amazon Instant great, on a much nicer, larger screen.

craigwann says:

Trying to decide between a Roku and GTV myself. If Roku had access to Google Play Videos it would be a done deal. I've heard even the new GTV's are pretty buggy, so I'm in no hurry to make a decision.

craigwann says:

Good for Amazon. I'm glad their expanding their offering. The Play Video selection is still a little lacking, so I find myself going back to Amazon Instant Video to watch Mad Men.

tillerrw says:

Speaking of the Play Video selection, it would be nice to get an instant streaming subscription with Google or get them to team up with Amazon or Netflix. Wishful thinking on my part but it would be a nice (not necessary by any means) integration. I already to all my music with Google Play so the thought of adding my streaming videos sounds good.

craigwann says:

I don't see it happening. Google has a lot of problems getting content providers to cooperate anyway, i can imagine them trying to tackle a streaming subscription service. I think they are happy to rely on Netflix/Hulu to provide this type of service to Android users.

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