Pantech P8000

Documents at the FCC show the Pantech P8000, with 850MHz and 1900MHz radio frequency bands, has been approved and can be made available for sale in the United States.  There's not much info out there about the P8000, but a quick look at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website shows it's running Android, and has the code name "Moon."

Of course FCC certification is only one step in the process, so there's no telling if and when you'll see this on on the shelves at your local AT&T store.  I imagine we'll see this one in Q1 of 2011, as an entry-level phone in Google's plan for Android world-domination.  And we're fine with that. [FCC via PhoneScoop]

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Come one guy's... you're gona need more than a "Pantech" phone to wake me up this monday morning..... CES can't come fast enough.

EvanJ18 says:

Wow another high end Android device for at&t...

*chants* Yes yes bring on ces

splitsick says:

Wow a p8000 that is a big number must be amazing.

It's not how big the number is....its how you use it. :-p

What's with the snow flake camera flash.

newboyx says:

I think that is the speakerphone.

deeshwar says:

Maybe this is the famed Mooon phone.