AMOLED screens

The limited quantity of AMOLED screen technology is no secret and it is causing manufacturers to change their production strategy; HTC recently announced its addition of  S LCD to its AMOLED phones.

Now Pantech, Korea's third largest manufacturer, has done the same. An executive from Pantech said that Samsung Mobile Display, which is  the only supplier of AMOLED screens, is having trouble keeping up with demand from Samsung's products, which are first in line for the technology.

Samsung's recent Galaxy S is being prioritized as they want to sell more than 10 million of them. Pantech said that they would consider AMOLED again in the future, but not until supply issues are resolved. [OLED Display]


Reader comments

Pantech is the latest manufacturer to switch from AMOLED to LCD


Love the screen on my Captivate. It seems all high end smartphones, ie: new droids, Evo and iPhone 4 are supply constrained. Amoled will be a Samsung exclusive for a while.

Samsung to make their Amoled screens for mobile phones. I think it was ingenious albeit a shady move by Samsung to corner the market as they have stated their goal.Look

* HTC announces Samsung will be making screens for their mobile devices.

* Samsung announces the Galaxy S.

* HTC reminds of shortages for their mobile devices due to shortages in production of screens.

All this bought Samsung enough time to increase their market sales to 6.1% where HTC is around 7.6%. HTC got bamboozled big time.

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