Wake up to your favorite Pandora stations

Pandora has updated its Android app to finally give us the much-anticipated Alarm Clock feature. Pandora first announced the feature back in December, but unfortunately it was only available to iOS users at launch. Today it has updated the Android app to squash a couple bugs, make some enhancements and add the Alarm Clock feature for us all.

To set up the Alarm Clock all you have to do is launch the app, press the menu button in the top right corner and turn it on. You can then set a time for when you want to be woken up, select a station that will play, select how often you want it to repeat and adjust the snooze time frame and volume output. After saving the alarm there's nothing else you need to do, the application will begin playing the selected station at the time you want — pretty simple.

The update is now live in Google Play, so be sure to hit the link above and get to setting your alarms!


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Pandora for Android update brings Alarm Clock feature


What no staggered rollout?

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Go into menu functions, usually top right corner, that's where it should be like the sleep timer is.

Had the same problem on my Nexus 7 too. No sign of alarm clock or timer.

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Open a station, then go to the menu. That should let you set up the alarm for that station.

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The alarm feature is nice but I am more excited about the sleep timer. Been wanting that feature for a while. Now that my premium subscription has expired and the price has gone up..

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I wish All Access had a sleep timer and alarm function. That's why I use Tune In radio, you can have an alarm, sleep functions, rewind, record live music, and listen to every radio in the world, along with podcast and comedy channels.

The question on tablet owners minds is why did Pandora go to the trouble of coding in a function to prevent us from using the new features? And why did they not mention it in their press release? Something doesn't add up.