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Popular iOS image annotation and editing app Over is now available on Android, with several exclusive features being made available to users of the platform, including the ability to save full resolution photos, rotate text, and an enhanced storefront.

Here are some of the features Over offers:

  • access to dozens of beautiful fonts
  • several Over exclusive fonts
  • useful illustrations from renowned artists
  • full resolution exporting
  • precision text editing
  • line and character spacing
  • text and artwork rotation
  • transparency adjustment
  • text nudging
  • multiple sharing options

According to CEO Aaron Marshall, Over is distinguishing itself from the plethora of annotation apps by building a strong relationship with its customers, and by establishing a unique brand identity, like it has done with its Instagram feed.

The app costs $1.99, but is now available for $0.99 for a limited time. Interested in seeing what Over has to offer? Hit up the Play Store link above to buy the app.

Source: Over; via: TechCrunch


Reader comments

Over lets you easily add text and artwork to your photos


Why get a paid up with more payment to be made for each feature (to ultimately get a pic loaded with Overs' signage)... when u can do the same on fotor... for FREE & no signage either ? :S
(read the reviews - haven't made a purchase yet)

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Bought the app and it looks pretty neat. To be able to get full use of the app the IAP's ($4.99 for all except the baby stuff) looks to be somewhat of a necessity. Time will tell how much I'll end up using it.

What is the image in that photo up there in the app (the low poly multi-color one)? Is that a wallpaper that you have Harish, and if so, could you link to it pretty please?

I am thinking about buying this but am concerned about comments that suggest there is some kind of extra watermark/advertisement added to the finished picture. There is such a thing in apps like instaweather/instaplace but it can be turned off in settings. Perhaps these people are referring to text included in the posts when you share directly from the app... I cannot be sure.

Hoping the developer is here reading this and can respond... It was asked in the play store reviews but not addressed.


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