If you're a game developer, or the sort of fellow who just has to get your hands on cool stuff as soon as you can, you might want to have a look at OUYA's page today. The Development Kits -- an OUYA console, two controllers, and access to the ODK (software development tools) -- are now available for preorder. The kits check in at $800 US per piece, and should be available in January 2013.

Now before the comments fill with lunacy, remember that this is not the retail price of the units. This offer is designed for software developers who want or need early access to make sure their stuff is ready when the OUYA consoles launch later in 2013. We're not going to second guess the pricing of the developer kits, as we assume that the people in charge know what they are doing. 

All this means for the consumer (that's you and me) is that there's an even better chance the OUYA will launch with support for more apps and games. That's a good thing.

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OUYA Development Kits up for pre-order at $800 US


I thought this was just Android - why does it need it's own development unit?

Also, if you have an Android phone that can connect via HDMI and a bluetooth controller, then don't you already have everything this offers?

Essentially yes, but now it's all wrapped up in a nice little package that is simple enough for your mom to hook up and use.

Their page says "built on Android" and "our game store". It's not really clear how much they are going to fork Android, a la Amazon Kindle OS, only that "if you can program for Android, you can program for OUYA".

The thing is by March next year when it's released, the Tegra 3 GPU and 1GB of RAM will be seriously dated. The GPU in particular is already getting smashed by the Adreno 320 and Mali T-604. A Nexus 10 with Bluetooth controller is already a much better gaming choice - and obviously can be used as a tablet too - and we're still 5 months away from the OUYA launch.

A 2013 Android gaming console released with a 2011 GPU?

I agree. See my post a couple down regarding Green Throttle...

I don't know why they haven't generated more exposure. For one thing they don't have a Google Plus presence, that doesn't help matters much when creating a gaming solution for Android in my opinion. Regardless, I much prefer their approach over OUYA.


Exactly right. But it's an unlocked console, so you could sideload Google Play Store very easily and in matter of seconds.

I'm more excited about Green Throttle... If you haven't heard about them yet, I suggest you watch their intro video and explore their website as per the link below.


Honest question, what does Ouya have to offer over this?