Folks who funded the Ouya Kickstarter project need to start checking their mailboxes, as units have started shipping

As we mentioned just a month ago, Ouya is shipping out consoles to Kickstarter backers as of today (March 28). Folks who pledged $95 or more to help fund the project will receive the units on a rolling schedule, and everyone should have their Ouya in hand in the next few weeks. You'll be notified via email when your unit ships.

Ouya founder Julie Uhrman wants to remind everyone of a few things while you're waiting. There will be a system update out of the box, so be prepared for that. Users will also need a valid credit or debit card to download games, but they will remain free to try. Finally, while the units come with one controller, support for up to four is included and you can purchase more at their website.

The Ouya project is poised to take Android gaming to another level, with the right price and decent specs. Of course, having a fully functional Android device hooked up to your television can be a lot of fun as well. We're expecting big things as units ship out, and by the time the devices launch in early June we're sure there will be an expert or two in the Ouya forums.

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Reader comments

Ouya consoles now shipping to Kickstarter backers


I won't be getting one since you CAN"T play Google Play Games and have to buy all the games again, so what is the point. Plus they'll probably be more expensive that the play store.

I'll get the Archos TV connect with a built in keyboard and joystick that'll allow the web browser with flash, and Google play so you can use all the games and apps on your HD tv and it has a built in camera too. and it'll be about $120

It doesn't need to sell mass amount compared to big corporations like Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo to be consider successful, and I don't think its their goal which is unrealistic anyway without multi-billion ads campaign.

I don't like some of their decisions such as not allowing PlayStore. They need the PlayStore because aside from the games, there are need for contents delivery. I am sure there will be ways to install the PlayStore and get it working like with the Kindle Fire. For me I can sideload apps, but this is a terrible idea that will turn off buyers, even the gamers. Also I "heard" they will block their app store if the device is rooted, I can understand this decision in order to prevent piracy, its a similar problem with the PlayStore.

I just need root and replace whatever the default launcher with Holo Launcher HD. I believe it will eventually get CyanogenMod anyway. It'll be a perfect HTPC for my family, mainly for video streaming, YouTube and XBMC. I have no intention of gaming on it, but the extra controller is welcome.

I'm already using the MK808 Android stick, but the quality is sketchy with poor wifi performance. The Ouya looks more like a proper product.

I look forward to what the XDA community will turn this into. Curious if the controller can be paired to other devices. If so that would be super sweet. Well I'll probably be one of the last Backers to get theirs, I waited till the last week of the kick starter and backed enough for the last minute backer bronze case. Surely those will ship last.

I doubt the Archos will be as modable with as much such as custom roms, but I know people won't care, its a big deal for me. Honestly you are comparing two different devices. The Archos is a portable handheld tablet, this is a stationary console/HTPC hooked to the TV with dedicated HDMI out and USB host capability.

I owned multiple Archos devices in the past, but have serious issues with their build quality, customer support, lack of updates and non-GPL compliance that I simply don't want to support them anymore, but don't mind me, its a single person opinion.