What's a backer launch without a party?

Android Central at GDC

Ouya had their big backer launch bash at GDC 2013, giving everybody a shot to try out the $99 Android-powered gaming console. There has been a lot of excitement leading up to this launch, not only because it stands to be yet another Kickstarter success story, but also because it's paving the way for a whole new product category of Android devices. 

The main thing for me was game selection, and what was available didn't disappoint; Puddle, Gunslugs, Final Fantasy 3, Radiant, Organ Trail, and Ice Rage were just some of the titles I recognized that were installed on the demo units (which were apparently final retail hardware). Everything performed pretty well, and the controllers felt great in hand. A cynic may look at the Ouya as the poor man's Xbox, but it stands to be a great console for those that want a little something to play on a secondary TV - be it elsewhere in the home, or, thanks to its portability, off at someone else's. At that $99 price point, it also present a low barrier for entry to those just looking to dabble in console gaming, rather than dive into it head-first. 

Aside from playing on Ouya consoles, MakerBot was at the backer launch event printing off some of those custom cases we heard about earlier. There was a bunch of Ouya prototype consoles and controllers laying around too, which made for an interesting look at the device's journey. 

So those are just a few initial impressions, but be sure to stick around for our full review once the retail unit lands on our doorstep. Ouya is hitting public shelves this June, but you can preorder right now. Who's biting?


Reader comments

Ouya in action at GDC 2013


Not impressed with the games at all who wants to play a bunch of mini games. I will save up for Project Shield

Don't kid yourself, you probably can't afford either one anyway. Keep saving that allowance though.

Also you've been able to run XMBC and Emulators w/ controller for a while now with Android TV Sticks. As cute as Ouya is it's not very cutting edge or desirable IMHO. I've seen new XBOX 360 4gigs for 99$ on sale a lot. Even if isn't it 149$? I guess this could fit in a niche market but it will most likely never drive the mobile gaming market and unfortunately since it's running Android that's the market it's going to get lumped into for a while anyway. IMHO.

I don't see the Android gaming revolution happening like the founders of this company do. Maybe not for a few years anyway. All I know is I'd rather game on my couch than on the bus. And I'd also like to play games that were designed with using a controller and sitting on the couch using a powerful dedicated machine for. That's me though probably more of a gamer than most. As long as Android is most prevalent in mobile devices/phones/tablet than the games will be designed as such. Canabalt? Come on. I gotta spend a hundred bucks on a "system" to play Canabalt on a 60 inch screen... Canabalt? Crowds of people are gathering around to play Canabalt?...

XBOX 720!

I'll get one if someone can get it to play *.wtv files. I suspect that Microsoft will drop support of WMC in the next xbox.

I pre-ordered one a while back; so mine should be shipping out in April. I'm looking forward to checking it out. With such a low price point I thought it was a very low risk purchase for what could very well be fun to play games on.

Well this 'Oww Yeah' thing really interest me a lot. I look forward for its review. Anyone know that this product can play full HD movie with DTS sound? Well if this can loaded with bunch of media player capabilities, $99 should be a 'must buy' product :) , I just have one single question so far.... If OUYA work closely with Nvidia, why they not loaded OUYA with better cpu/gpu such a Tegra 4 or 4i? I read on some articles around the web that Tegra 4 should be ready around this mid year.