4XHD Jelly Bean

The Optimus 4X HD was a really well built device with great 2012 specifications released in the middle of last year. But it had some severe software problems, and was locked down so tight nobody could do anything hackish to try and fix them. Glaring software bugs and lack of third-party support is a recipe for a dud in the Android community, and the phone languished away with very few folks paying any attention to it.

Today, all that changes. Jelly Bean has been leaked, the bootloader has been unlocked, and there's already a ClockworkMod recovery built and ready to go. I warn you -- it's not as straight forward as some of the things you'll see, and you'll want to read, read, and read some more before you get started. Find all the information you need at the source link below. 

Source: XDA


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Optimus 4XHD Jelly Bean leaked, bootloader unlock achieved


What do you mean by "But it had some severe software problems"? Not severe for sure. And it had numerous of firmware updates by now. Just like other phones. It's one of the smoothest android phones ever. Best buy quad core.

Do the guys at LG ever learn? They should know that in the Android community, being so harshly unfriendly to developers means an epic failure.

They need to get 4.1 out for their current flagship the optimus g. Crazy how slow they are. I probably won't buy another lg. Good hardware though.

Ugh...4.1 has been out for awhile now..please know what you're talking about before posting next time..also if yours hasn't gotten the update yet then blame your carrier..not LG...they've really been on the ball these past few months on showing that they are improving their support.