Oppo N1

$599 or €449 for oversized phone with rotating camera and CM support

As expected, the Oppo N1 has today gone on sale in the United States and Europe, where prices for the 16GB model start at $599 and €449 respectively — rising to $649 and €479 for the 32GB version. The latest high-end handset from the Chinese manufacturer, the N1 sports a 5.9-inch 1080p display, a rotating 13-megapixel camera for all your high-res selfie needs, and a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM. Powering the phone is a capacious 3,610mAh battery.

Connectivity-wise, the N1 includes pentaband HSPA+ support up to 42Mbps as well as Bluetooth, NFC and Wifi Direct — though you'll be missing out on LTE support, putting the device at a significant disadvantage for Western buyers.

The Oppo N1 ships with the manufacturer's ColorOS software, based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but buyers will be easily switch to officially-supported CyanogenMod as an alternative OS — that's currently marked as "coming soon" on Oppo's site. (It's not to be confused with the limited run of "CM edition" N1s that run the community firmware out of the box.)

So it's fairly expensive and lacking in connectivity options compared to the competition, but there's no doubt that the N1 is a unique piece of technology. If you're picking one up today, shout out in the comments.

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Oppo N1 now available in U.S. and Europe


Lack of LTE really isn't _that_ big of a deal. Maybe if you're a gamer or you're downloading stuff you shouldn't be, but in normal, everyday use, it's not a deal breaker.

in my opinion the only maybe is if you are granfathered with unlimited ATT, or if you don't mind paying the rates.

It is if you're in the US. It's crazy for them to charge that much for a phone that doesn't get LTE.

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I AM in the US and it's still not that big a deal. HSPA+ is plenty fast. LTE is only needed when you want to keep tapping the SpeedTest icon.

It's that they charge you just as much as LTE phones. Everything in the industry is anti-consumer

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I agree that LTE isn't a huge deal, since I haven't really noticed a practical difference in network speeds between my old N4 and current N5.

That said, a phone this size that DOES have LTE would cost about this much. Whether or not LTE is super important, devices should be priced according to their specs.

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this is crazy? wow wait til you go on the internet and look at phone prices or even look at the shipping and handling on some including carriers sometimes.

No, you do not have to be downloading stuff you shouldn't be. Sometimes you need it NOW not a few minutes from now

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.

No snapdragon 1000 running at 3.7 GHz and no 8gb ram and no 4400×2560 screen running android 8.0? Eh I'll pass.

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Interesting looking device but no LTE and an older processor for almost twice the price of the n5?

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Good luck because you're never going to get anything beside a Nexus if you beg for that price, get used to the camera and battery life.

(This is sent from an avoid Nexus user.)

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Well, in Europe it's only 30% more...

Why don't we have this price translation for other products! I know there are taxes and stuff, but how come this device is correctly priced (599$ = 440€) when the Nexus 5 is at 350€ (481$) here?

One would assume since they have direct access to the hardware it won't be like running CM on a Galaxy S3.

But I assume you'll have access to nightlies. Idk, it's just not my type of phone. Mainly, way, way too big.

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Some interesting innovations. Rotating camera is something I would like if it takes good pictures. The O-touch panel on the back to scroll, take pictures, etc. sounds cool. I'd like the o-click contral too with a shutter for the camera.

It's a really nice phone but I don't think I would buy one. Although you would probably get alot of attention with people wondering what kind of phone that is!

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OEM Skins = Overly featured OS Skins that increase size and eat battery

I don't want that!

I want Cyanogen which is...an...overly featured OS skin...wait a minute...

Hahaha well said.

Although in my experience, CM features tend more toward convenience and daily use, rather than flashy, gimmicky stuff like you see on TouchWiz and... whatever LG calls their proprietary skin.

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I won't get it just for the fact that they haven't noticed we put the dollar sign in front of the numbers in the US. They got it right for the euro sign.

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In the US $50 more get you the Google Play Edition Z Ultra which comes with LTE. I'd spend the extra $50 bones for the GPe Z Ultra myself.

I think that this looks cool but no LTE! What is this winter 2012 (nexus 4) ;)

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Have they ever updated a phone? Just curious

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.

they do update twice a month! it is driven by 0ppo forums...bugfixes, new features, apps...who else does that...n0body!

Yeah spending 20 minutes in their forum tells me to stay pretty far away.

Lots of bugs, because of the nature of the OS, updates require a full wipe, 4.3 update seems to be a train wreck that isnt fit for release on xda, the skin seems heavy.

Maybe running cm is much better but I would stay away.

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.