Choice of ColorOS or CyanogenMod with no hacking required

OPPO's latest big flagship phone, the N1, will go on sale direct to consumers starting December 10th for $599 in the U.S. and €449 in Europe. Built to have some of the latest in hardware innovation, the N1 is sporting a 5.9-inch 1080p display, a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of storage, along with an interesting 13MP camera that swivels to face either direction on the device. It also has a touch panel on the back for navigating through the interface while using the N1 in one hand.

Beyond just its hardware, the N1 has the interesting feature of being able to run CyanogenMod out of the box through the stock recovery without any rooting or advanced tinkering required. Although there will be a limited run of special devices with CM pre-installed, all N1's will be able to make the quick conversion from OPPO's default ColorOS to CyanogenMod.

A full list of countries that will have the N1 available at launch isn't readily available, but OPPO has put up a page with a country locator that can give you a pretty good idea. You'll see the third-party OPPO Style store selling to most of North and South America, Europe and Asia, with Amazon also selling to the U.S. and some other retailers such as Mobicity in Australia getting in on the action.

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OPPO N1 goes on sale Dec. 10 for $599


Interesting design and software but the price seems a bit steep for running a snapdragon 600. I'm sure Oppo will do well. It looks like a solid product.

Its a reasonable speced phone and the company oppo is trying something new in refference to the swivel camera. That perhaps wont appeal to all i suppose. The price is a bit high they should of set it around the same price point as the Nexus 5.

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If they want to lose money or not make a lot then yes, price it at Nexus 5 level. I get it. The cost of making these phones usually ends up being much less than the retail price. But not everyone is Google who is not just selling you a phone, but a gateway into their services where they actually make their profits. Manufacturers have to deal with design costs, R&D, shipping, etc. Not everyone can do what Google does nor should everyone try to. The people who really want an unlocked, off contract device will buy what they want, and that's where OPPO has to try to make their money with the US market.

Yes we are. The Galaxy Nexus costed $750 imported to USA when it came out. I paid $850 for the first Galaxy Note. $600 is not bad, compared to iPhones. But I'm still not really excited about this device as it was hyped to be, I do know Oppo phones are very durable though.

I'm sure due to the VAT cost for the US, the N1 will cost a bit more than $600 as well.

At this point for big phones, Galaxy Note rules all so I don't understand why they came out with this now. I rather have a Find 5 successor.

Who the hell is this phone even for?

- High Price
- Unfamiliar Brand (to the public)
- Risky design choices

There is absolutely no hope for this because it serves no market. I can see why that one executive jumped ship.

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It's for people who are online looking for a good unlocked phone. They aren't really appealing to a mass market right now, seeing as they are not on carriers(maybe in the future). They most likely know that these aren't million seller phones for North America and Europe, so they're priced for the hardcore phone users who want such a device and have specifically sought them out.

My brother has this crap, the screen looks washed out and outdated, wayyy to expensive.

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They have a good reputation in other industries, and they recently started jumping into the smartphone market. Their phones are supposed to be pretty solid. If you buy straight from Oppo, it's going to be expensive. It makes more sense to buy it from a Chinese importer like merimobiles.com. They usually list them for much lower.

Don't know about their phones, but I have an Oppo Blu-ray player and wouldn't trade it for anything. The picture and sound is fantastic (and I have a couple of other brands to compare it to) especially with Netflix.

I, too, have an OPPO blu-ray player, the BDP-83, and while it has fabulous audio and video, it leaves a lot to be desired. It sometimes makes grinding noises and sometimes refuses to play store-bought discs, and has done so since relatively new.

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Not a bad device but at $600? What a bloody joke!
1. The brand is relatively unknown
2. It's not even running pure android
3. It's way too big, heavy and not user friendly
4. Lack of support will push people off.

For a device making it's international debut, it's not worth it.

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What the hell are you talking about? I knew about the oppo N1 before it was released.
The average consumer won't know about it.

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If it was LTE and at $350, maybe. At $599? What a joke. I'd rather get an unlocked note 3 used on swappa.

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go ahead...you might get 2 updates for it...in the meantime the 0ppo is updated twice every month...with user requested apps & features and then some

I can get a Nexus 5 for $399 that supports LTE and will have CM11 support.. take the $200 i have left over and buy some cases and screen protectors and a Chromecast to go along with it. Get a steak for the grill and rent a movie to stream on my chromecast.