CM Edition Oppo N1The "CyanogenMod Edition" Oppo N1 — the limited edition version with CM 10.2 out of the box — has passed Google's Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and is scheduled to become available from Dec. 24. It's the first time a CyanogenMod-powered phone has passed Google's tests, which are designed to ensure device security and compatibility with apps in the Android ecosystem.

The news was shared on the CM-dev mailing list and on Twitter by manufacturer Oppo, which gave glimpse of the exclusive packaging, stickers and case included with the device. Writing on the CM-dev list, community lead Abhisek Devkota (better known as ciwrl) described it as "a major milestone for everyone in this project," adding "aside from root access, we were not forced to make any compromises in terms of features or functionality."

The CM Edition Oppo N1 isn't listed on the manufacturer's online store just yet, but the vanilla N1 recently launched in the U.S. and Europe for $599 and €449, so it's likely the CM version's price will fall somewhere around this level.

Source: @Oppo; Google Groups via Engadget


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Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition passes Google CTS, launching Dec. 24


Not worth $599 for that phone (no LTE) and only compatible with ATT, I wonder who is going to be responsible for the warranty.

That's like BlackBerry running Google apps on their os.. I'll pass

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How is it anything like that? CyanogenMOD is based on AOSP and is basically stock android with a few useful tweaks. This is more of a Nexus Experience than any other OEM provides.

^ This... Not sure how it's anything like that at all. Some people need to learn to think before they speak

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We'd like to hear your response please, don't go all silent now Because you said something dumb.

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Well I can yell u right now cm mod is way better than any other but its still a skin as is sense and touchwiz. Pure android for me is all I want. For the record I'm not in no way saying its garbage I'm just stating the facts

Not sure you understand the definition of 'skinned' android OS. CM is a highly customized version of stock vanilla Android

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So does that mean it has the Google Play Store? Is it the same test?

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yes, thats the Google compantability test, all the google apps will be on the phone. But no root out of the box. if you buy it, you will have to root it.
I wonder how much CM Inc. pay Google for the test.

This is a good first step. This means Google is not entirely opposed to certifying phones running cyanogenmod for proprietary Google apps. This could be good on getting the general public aware of what cyanogenmod is

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The public will going to know about CM. It seems by the end of next year or early 2015. CM Inc is going to change brand name. The biggest question, Is Google going to keep realising to AOSP? it seems that Google is taking updating AOSP. CM Inc is also doing something similar, only releasing CM only apps.

Though CM takes it much farther than others, I'd assume Google would treat it much like any other skinned version of Android. For example, just as Samsung modifies how Android runs via Touchwiz, CM basically does the same.

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I don't want it, but I like it and respect it. Good job Cyanogenmod team. Happy to see you excelling

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I think it's safe to say, Verizon wants nothing to do with this phone or Cyanogen Mod (the OS or the company).

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I spent awhile in their forums the other day, wow what a train wreck. Not really the CM stuff because a lot of that was not posted, but the stock roms and updates make it look like 12 year olds are coding it...

it is not fit for human consumption when you pass off "updates" that have the most basic of functions broken.