Opera Mobile for Android

If you're dying to get Opera Mobile on your Android phone, it'll be here in just four short days. Nov. 9 is the date set by Opera, and that's the date we shall see the mobile browser come out of beta and into the mainstream. It's been a long time coming, as we first saw Opera Mobile for Android way back at Mobile World Congress in February. Anybody excited about this one? [Opera]


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Opera Mobile for Android coming Nov. 9


Am I one of the few people that actually like Opera Mini? It's super fast (I have a clunky HTC Hero -CDMA), has the speed dial which is nice, and I don't have to pinch and zoom to see what I want. Nothing like having to use two fingers to zoom in and out to see what I want. With Opera Mini, one click and I'm in, hit back and I'm back to normal. Sure, it may not render as well as other sites, but I want speed when I'm out and about. I don't want to wait 5 minutes for a site to pull up because it's trying to render something that I'm not after.

I don't see this doing anything worthwhile.

A. It'll likely run through Opera's proxy servers like usual, which is annoying.
B. Opera doesn't render some sites correctly.
C. I doubt it'll be much faster than webkit.
D. It won't have extensions like Firefox.

As usual, it seems Opera is destined to stay at the ~1% market share of browsers, even on smartphones.

Opera Mini runs through their Proxy servers. Most likely Opera Mobile will not. It's more of a full scale browser (not the same as Mini).

I used Opera Mobile (not Opera mini) on Windows Mobile for years and it was a great browser. That being said the alternative (Pocket IE) was terrible so it was an easy choice to make.

I do agree though that without extensions or other good reasons to want to switch off the default browser, it probably won't do much.

Dolphin HD is such a mind blowing browser on Android it seems literally impossible for anybody including firefox to catch up.

For those of you who haven't adopted it you are a 2nd class browsing citizen....

Dolphin HD is not all that great. It's slow and the full screen rendering is pointless. Just wastes everyone's time zooming whereas the default browser just seems to know what you wanted to read on the page with no zooming needed.

Dolphin is all for show but huge waste of time.

And Opera's bid for the limelight continues unabated. I tried using Opera Desktop yesterday and was amazed at how convoluted it is after using Chrome all these months. The mobile version stopped being relevant when smartphones introduced desktop class browsers.

I mean, who uses it once they're off of a feature phone? I'm sure a bunch of Europeans do but then again Symbian is still quite popular over there thus proving my point even more.

I cant wait to try opera mobile. It was awesome on winmo. It is not the same as mini. It is not server side rendering like mini. The only thing that may be similar to mini, is the ui. They changed the mini ui to more closely match opera mobile. But, maybe it will have a whole new ui. I am more excited about this than you would believe. It is not the same as mini. It hasn't been available for use on android yet, so the oetson that said they hated the beta is confusing it with mini.

No feature phone has ever used opera mobile. It is a full browser. STOP CONFUSING IT WITH OPERA MINI. NOTE THE SAME...NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!