We've known for a while that Opera was planning on bringing a version of its Opera Mobile browser to Android. And now we're going to get a look at it. Opera announced in a news release that it will unveil Opera Mobile 10 for Android at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. And if it's anything like the version Windows Mobile users have been enjoying, it's definitely something you're going to want to check out. [Opera]

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Anonymous says:

Jes! Jes, me so happy about that! Me love opera browser!

MicroNix says:

I wouldn't say Windows Mobile users are enjoying it Bob. Am I the only one that thinks Opera is a POS, eternally in beta, buggy and only better than Windows built in browser because it offers more features? The UI of Opera is garbage...

MicroNix says:

Firefox for Android will BURY Opera!!

VoIP News says:

Opera is my favorite browser for cell phone currently i am using for my Nokia Phone hopefully its useful for I phone.

snupples says:

cool story bro.

Default browser is fine for me. This isn't the old days anymore where the stock browsers are nonexistent/severely gimped.