Access to even more information with fewer steps to get it.

An improved first launch experience is on the menu with the latest update to the OpenTable Android app tonight. With necessary improvements to the somewhat dated-looking experience offered before, the v3.0 update now gives you a quick and simple reservation search along with recommended restaurants right when you launch the app. The new UI lets you set your location, date, time and number of people and quickly find a table without any extra pages or taps.

Those recommended restaurants on the main page are what OpenTable calls "Great Tables", a curated list of highly-rated restaurants in your area with their availability displayed prominently. When you do tap in to search results or listings, you now get a view of ratings from the results page and can even sort those results by user ratings.

The OpenTable app update has just been pushed out to the Play Store, and you can grab your own install or update from the link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

OpenTable now makes it easier to find and book tables quickly


I do find this app useful, especially when traveling for business and I need to make plans well in advance. Worked well in the past and curious to see if new version brings measurable improvements.

I tried the web version of this once. It quickly reminded me that the restaurants I frequented don't really do reservations. No, not fast food. I usually eat at mom & pop ethnic places. The Vietnamese, Mexicans, and Koreans haven't really gotten into reservations in my area of the country.