Open Automotive Alliance

Six founding companies want to see Android devices integrate seamlessly with our vehicles

It's clear that cars are one of the next platforms ready for a jump in innovation, and the newly-formed Open Automotive Alliance plans to lead the charge. Announced quietly via a press release and a post on the Android Google+ page, the OAA is a group that hopes to improve the integration between cars and Android devices. Google, GM, Audi, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA are the six founding members of the OAA, and naturally more companies are welcomed to join.

While initial details are a bit sparse, the broad goal of the OAA seems clear: be for the automotive industry what the Open Handset Alliance is for Android on phones and tablets. The group suggests 2014 can be the year of the connected and intelligent car, explaining that integration between our mobile devices and vehicles should be seamless. Not only for ease of use and entertainment purposes, but most importantly for driver safety.

The basic idea here is to not only push Android into the car itself, but to create a common platform across cars so that Android devices know how to connect and interact with them. If you've spent any time with various phones and cars you know it can be a rather hit-or-miss experience right now — the OAA wants to fix that.

The OAA's website claims that we will see "the first cars with Android integration" by the end of this year. Naturally each manufacturer will be moving at its own pace, but lets hope that now at least a few are moving in the same direction.

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Open Automotive Alliance aims to make 2014 the year of Android in cars


Yaaaay!!! It'll be cool to see how each auto manufacturer implements Android into their new vehicles.

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Except the auto Industry Is retarded and old school. What they're working on now won't be seen for years down the road. If it takes them a year to put everything together it would be at least 2 years after that before we see it in a car you can buy.

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So the part of the article that says we'll be seeing this technology in cars by the end of this year means what to you, exactly?

This post just said something that I was saying in the comments on a previous post.
Interoperability between your car(s) and mobile device(s) on a level that is seamless with handling and transference of data.

In essence, the same way you put down your phone and pick up your tablet when you get home, can be brought to the simple act of getting in your automobile.

I like!

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I'd be happy with just a built-in cell phone mount on the dash that auto connects bluetooth when you slide it in :P

GM, Honda, and Hyundai aren't exactly heavily focused on luxury. The latter two in particular, and the last one most of all, should indeed have this in affordable models. Hell, the Hyundai Veloster's tech is quite far ahead of their higher-end models already.

There are Android head units available as aftermarket infotainment systems. If you want more than that you're out of luck.

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This. I dropped a whopping $89 for a Bluetooth head unit from JVC that allows Pandora, as well as audio control and speakerphone. There are (slightly)pricier units that do things such as integrate a decent sized screen into a double-DIN unit with a backup camera and GPS functionality, and I'm sure much much more. And I'm certain that you can spend a whopping ton of cash to get a Cadillac (No pun intended)head unit that'll do everything for you that a smartphone would, and more.

Me - "OK, Google: take me to Grandma's house!"
Android - "you will arrive at your destination in (3) hours and (28) minutes. Please enjoy the view."

I think this is will be great. Much better than allowing MS to spiderweb itself throughout the vehicle's system. At least I will know it won't BSOD on me at 85 MPH!

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Yay! More things to break or go out of date that make selling it later a real b. Just stick with Bluetooth. Better yet, turn everything off and enjoy the drive.

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Strongly disagree. Bluetooth provides us little more than an audio conduit for these things currently. We do need more. And the point of standards like this is to help reduce the issues with things going out of date that quickly. Make a standard, stick to it, yes make revisions every few years, but apps will still support the older versions until it no longer makes sense to, all while likely STILL supporting what we already have.

Unfortunately, the auto industry is probably getting really excited over the idea of getting their cars to become out of date within 6 months. I am one of the few who is with you though...I don't want or need all that crap in my car.

Expect it with Android in the next few years.
In the meantime, enjoy it with BB/QNX based infotainments systems ;) (no hassle, no bashing; keep cool !)

So we'll be seeing the signature

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I'm ok with that

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I think I read somewhere once that there's like a 3-4 year lag time between initial design concept and actual production. So, to say 2014 is the year of Android in Automotive is, IMO, misleading. It's more the year auto manufacturers started CONSIDERING Android integration.

Nonetheless, bring it on!

"The OAA's website claims that we will see "the first cars with Android integration" by the end of this year."

People seem to keep missing this.

Sooooo Basically....

If some car manufacturer for all intense purposes integrated my 2013 Nexus 7 as my Head Unit with Auto-Centric software installed that ran all of my in-car systems, I'd be happy to call it a day at that point.

Soundman in Valencia, CA did about half of this basically within a month of the first 7's release. As for the software, that's definitely something I've been waiting on.

For as much as I'm into gadgets and tech, I really don't like the trend of moving all the car controls to a touchscreen. I'd rather the car manufactures stick with buttons and knobs. Much easier to manipulate while driving. Also, the newer cars with displays for gauges are a bit too much and make me go cross-eyed.
Give me knobs and buttons with analog (looking) dials!

Damn, I sound like an old fuddy-dud.

I feel the same, and judging by other drivers, I don't think anyone else needs more distractions. Knobs and buttons can be used without removing your eyes from the road, a touch screen can't. Not to mention that all these huge screens taking up space or propped up above the instrument panel just look ridiculous. Plus they make it harder to customize your car. I'm not even that old yet and I don't like where we have been and are headed with the cars.

@ fuddy-dud- lol I have a 2011 Charger. Using the Uconnect system with the 8.4 inch screen, they still felt the need to include old school climate controls. Even a volume knob! Check it out on any Chrysler web page. The current model still has it. I ended up putting a Pioneer SPH-DA210 touch screen in my 2013 GMC 2500. Best of both worlds.....

So my Toyota is rooted, bootloader unlocked, running CM 17.2. Slight bug with the environmental controls, only blows A/C, and it's 7 degrees out today. Might have to try a clean install when I get home.

Running CM 17 in my car and everything works except the A/C, the headlights and the wipers. Oh and the brakes occasionally don't work. But the emergency brake does so this is my daily driver.
Ha! Eat that Samsung! It only took CM 6 days to get the latest Android update out and it is awesome!

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Long overdue. The degree to which Apple integration has overtaken a lot of automobiles has been rather sickening to me. Androids are now in the majority, and yet an expensive car I'm going to own for 5-10 years is going to tell me I have to buy only one specific brand of phone every year or two for the life of my vehicle if I want it to work? Not cool. At least by going with Android integration I have a lot more options.

Not surprised Hyundai's in on this, either. They've already had some degrees of Android integration and announced full Android display mirroring was in the works last year.

Oops: Title of the article above:

Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary : Locking-in Manufacturers

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