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OnePlus has confirmed that their OnePlus One smartphone will receive an upgrade to the newly revealed Android L OS. OnePlus One currently uses the 11S build of CyanogenMod, a highly modified version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

In a post on the company's forums, a rep for OnePlus stated that they have received a lot of inquires from fans and customers about if OnePlus One would get the Android L update. He stated:

Well, we're keen to announce today that the OnePlus One will indeed be getting the L treatment. When, you ask? That depends on Google. We promise to have it done within three months of their releasing a final build.

In June, when Android L was first announced by Google, HTC confirmed that its HTC One M8 and M7 smartphones would get updated to the new OS "within 90 days of receiving final software from Google."

What do you think about OnePlus One joining the Android L bandwagon?

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OnePlus One will get Android L 'within three months' after final build


Maybe they should focus on actually getting the phone released before doing the whole upgrade thing.

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Maybe I can give one to AC and they can do a giveaway contest with it. Otherwise I'm planning on selling some of them for $195. Gotta support the wife while she's on leave from work.

I won't criticize you for selling invites because OnePlus created this situation for themselves, and while it benefits those who sells them, it works against the goal of their marketing. It just means they won't be selling much, and that decreases their profit and bad for their fans overall. But it could be their intention from the beginning, as a bait and switch to control the OPO supply and sell more Find 7. It already seems that the warranty handling by OPO made a few people unhappy, I won't jump to conclusion for such few cases but it support some of my skepticism. I think people who paid anymore than $500+ for this device are very dumb (sorry for being blunt) considering the Oppo Find 7a have much more features and better support, despite the two companies being closely tied. I really don't see anything special about this device anymore now with Android L coming out, and the price isn't even tantalizing considering how hard it is to get and the questionable support.

Check your e-mail. The invites just came in yesterday, I have 5 total. I can give you a much better deal on the invite than I mentioned in my previous post :)

$150 for a invite? lol, I would rather put that money towards a different device. With smartphones with the more powerful Snapdragon 805 coming I may just get something with that. I have a bunch of devices with the Snapdragon 800 already so no rush for a 801.

This might be a silly question but how does one person wind up with 12 invites? Not blaming you but I don't think that's what they had in mind with this invite system, for one person to get so many and to sell them for profit.

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Look at it this way. Unless you have an invite, you can only get the phone for upwards of $700 on eBay. Buying from me saves you $155. My wife is on medical leave from work for the next 3-6 months, so I have to do whatever I can to make up the 43% of income we've lost.

How does one person get so many invites? I'm honestly just curious. I didn't follow the invite system too closely since I wasn't really interested in the phone.

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Regardless of how you got them, it's a broken system since the whole point of the phone is that it's a flagship device for a reasonable price. OnePlus screwed up with their system so that the only way to get it right now is to buy from price gougers or magically get an invite.

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Lol you guys are willing to kiss some serious ass for a invite

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Heyyyy, I' ve been trying to get someone to get me an invite for a while now. I'd greatly appreciate it if you can help me with it. thanks.

My thoughts exactly. Focus on releasing the phone first, then worry about future OS updates.

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Exactly how much overlap do you think there is between the people responsible for getting the devices shipped and the people responsible for software updates?

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I am pretty sure they have all their developers on the assembly room floor putting the pieces together. They need to ship their 12 phones a day.

But since the phone does not really exist anyway, they might as well say it will be pushed out July 10th. They can't even keep there timelines or promises on the hardware release, and they are already making promises of future software updates.. This has become a joke.

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No the pointless attacks have become a joke. Oh boo, they're 4 days behind schedule at this point, the sky is falling. And what about the hardware, they haven't changed anything there.

Quit being a baby.

No the joke is the 1+ and this is not the first deadline that they missed. They deserve the scorn and venom.

Like people have been saying with the G3 releasing long after the announcement, they missed the boat. The difference is that the G3 has solid dates and the 1+ is still coming soon.

They are stepping up their releases now. I have 12 invites at this point, and 2 more phones have shipped already. I think things are starting to step up, but maybe I'm incorrect.

No sooner or later it has to, and I am not knocking your business, but it is VERY too little too late. A lot of dew has fallen off the lilly. I know you will have no problem selling them, and neither will 1+ because of the price but they blew their opportunity.

Agreed. They are giving out invites right now because of all of their screw-ups with shipping delays. I got 2 invites because they weren't going to ship my phone until 7/9. 2 days after I ordered it, it shipped anyway. They shipped it via UPS Ground instead of the expedited shipping I paid for though, so I'll probably get more invites for that mistake too. We'll see.

Why would anyone need 12 invites...., individuals like yourself are part of the problem for +1.

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It's up to you and go buy another s8o1 phone with 3gb ram and 64gb storage for 35o..oh wait you can't because they are 8oo+

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

If you don't have a problem with a way that they have launch this device, I don't know what to say.
This whole thing has become a joke not only for the fact that they had missed their own deadlines, but they have forced you to jump through hoops for the chance to possibly have the ability to pay money for the device. Like its a privilege to buy something from them.
In addition, they want everyone to do their advertising for them through social media and such. Do I collect a paycheck from them?
Are you serious?
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Well what do you expect? it's a fledgling company, and the device is excellent for 300 bucks, nobody owes you a thing. They can't ramp up production and make more than they can sell, because the margins are slim. Part of the reason they can sell so low is that they aren't spending billions on marketing like Samsung or Apple.. Get over yourself.

It IS a privilege to buy this for so cheap.

When did I say they owe me anything jackass?

And no I don't consider it a privilege to spend my hard earned money on anything, I consider it a choice.

And my choice will be to not buy this!

And so you know, I am in the wireless industry and there are 2 classifications of people surrounding this brand and product. The people that have no knowledge of the company or device, and the people that know about it and feel the device, company and release are a fucking joke.
So in the end, any marketing and social media that they had "potential customers" do for them backfired because all it did was promote the fact that they cannot even release their first and only product to the market. Anyone I know that has knowledge of this device has nothing positive to say about it anymore.
Good job!
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For someone "in the industry" you seem to have no clue about production costs. You can't just mass produce anything like this with low margins, because every device not sold is a huge loss..

Samsung makes the S5 for like $150, then they sell for 700-800. That's a huge profit, even after their gargantuan marketing budget.

Excess inventory would kill the company, so they have to do something like this to gauge demand at first. I know about this device, I think it's outstanding for a first entry, every review site that has had one has rated it highly.I'm bummed I can't just go to their site and click buy, but unlike you I actually get why that's not possible.

Everyone on the internet is in the perfect profession to argue their point.

Actually all you do is keep proving that you have no clue what you are talking about.

Maybe you think that if you keep kissing their ass they will send you free devices, who knows.

Once again, I never doubted the quality of the product or didn't agree it's an incredible value. It is a great device for the price.

But none of that matters if you can't get the device into the hands of the public, or your potential customers.

If you don't think the launch and release of this device has been a complete disaster then you are a moron. It's one thing to create some buzz about a product release. It's another thing to have potential customers behave like trained seals and act like they are doing me a favor by "letting" me have a chance to buy something.

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You keep "accusing" people of that without checking WTF you are talking about. It is a simple task, click on the name and you will see what phone they use.

Wrong sir, this is the problem. You don't attempt to understand the costs associated with this sort of business and you just expect them to mass produce them. I probably won't even buy one, but i cant stand the stupid attacks. The margins on this are incredibly slim. Do you understand that? They profit probably $10 per device. Samsung, htc, apple, lg, etc.. earn several hundred each. This is not just a buzz creation method IT IS WHY they can sell so cheap, because they aren't spending millions in marketing.

The launch is fine, its what needs to be done. On their future offerings theyll be able to be more flexible hopefully.

THe margins are incredibly slim? No for a real company they are not. THey price it at what they can to make a reasonable profit to keep the company going. A SCAM prices it at or just above cost to suck people into the hype. Like this one has. You really need to stop with your comments because you are not only not helping your cause, but helping mine.

Profits on electronics are usually keystone.

Do you even know what margins are? You seriously just sound like an idiot now.

They are selling it barely above its cost to manufacture, that's why they cant afford excess inventory. A scam "sells" it at any price and then doesn't deliver at all. If they are sending them to those who pay, they are not scamming anybody.

OH yeah? How many people were lined up to get this and cannot? After how many delays?

The OPPO 1+ can afford to produce 10,000 units and deliver them to people, they choose not to.

A scam is a promise to deliver and when that day comes, do not deliver. They fit the bill several times over.

The only thing that separates them from a fraud is that they have not taken any money from "customers" yet. I would not put it past them though.

It's clear you're just a pathetic troll with no reasoning skills.
They do not have access to Oppo's money. They haven't scammed anyone.

You know, I think i have you figured out, I think you were one of those retards that didnt read their contest rules, and smashed his phone before being chosen. Now you want revenge for your own stupidity. The only thing separating them from being a scam, is that they haven't actually scammed a single person lol.. get real.

OH yeah? Tell me where my reasoning has failed in this thread. They do have access to OPPO money, just like Moto had access to Google money. This whole cluster F*ck is a game.

No my Note 3 is something I would never destroy, but I am glad you keep bringing up the games they play (OPPO 1+), it just keeps helping your cause

You must work in their factory and work you to the bone to load that one phone in the truck

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Nope, I have no affiliation with them, heck, I don't even care for their invite system and i probably won't even buy their product, but unlike most of these morons, I can understand why they've chosen it.

In the real world, where math exists. They said during Q2 2014 they'd start mass shipping, Q2 = April, May, June.

It's the 4th of July. Tadaa.

I've read your past few posts and can only come to one conclusion.

Samsung Knights, Nexus Elitists, you guys have a competitor.

No, lol I'll probably end up buying an Xperia device when I upgrade from my HTC one (m7).. the HTC is great but I'm not buying another one with this horrible camera, no way.

Right now, the Z2 is imo the best device on the market, but I can't stand all these trolls and entitled sounding jerks acting like OnePlus owes them a bigger release or marketing.

They are perfect together. CM couldn't deliver on time either. Half of the stuff on CM works half the time.

Besides, just because they didn't know how dishonest OPPO 1+ was gonna be doesn't make them totally at fault.

WOW you moved the bar again from the conversation we had at the beginning of June.

I know you are big on their forum, go read the press releases. I believe it was the May 6th one that I pointed out to you last time that said Q2, meaning end of June at the latest.

Which was after several other delays. Oh well, keep thinking they are worth anything at this point. It is all you

maybe One+ meant business quarters of the fiscal year, which would put Q2 in Jan-Mar next calendar year. idk i'm trying really hard to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they will get the handset available to all ASAP. I still want one for myself whenever its possible.

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I know a guy who knows a guy and they said there might be like 3 on this next batch coming so I might have underestimated a little.. There's like 26 floating around now!! Lol

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OnePlus is giving them out every time the screw up. I also acquired some OnePlus accounts with active invites through my other smartphone import/export deals.

That seems like a cool business area, selling phones and getting the latest and greatest

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Are they going to push it out to everyone??

Or run a contest to have a chance to be able to pay to download the update?

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You have to smash your current 1+1 (well the picture you drew of it since it hasn't been released) and they will send you one with the current OS on it. Within 90 days, or 97 or 102 or 138 or 169 or sometime.

Lol I'd suggest a contest seeing how badly you can screw up the phone by messing with the OS to get a chance at the software update that may or may not fix it

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Considering their close to stock android, within 3 months seems like a cop out. They should be able to get it done within times like the Moto x. I understand they are a smaller business but cyanogenmod is their partner that is delivering all software to them, and cyanogen is well versed in this area. I would like to see faster turn around times personally

Estimates. They can say 3 months to be safe but can always release it earlier if that's the case. People will get more made if something doesn't release on time right?

True, but so far One plus hasnt 'played it safe' with estimates or with anything for that matter. Just doesnt fit them. If they say within 3 months I expect it to be delivered on the 90th day. Which is disappointing. Though I do udnerstand what you are saying.

I honestly haven't touched it (mostly because I cannot) but it seems from the forums that not a whole lot works.

ColorOS 1.2 works pretty well, and it's gorgeous on the Find 7. ColorOS 2 Beta hasn't been a problem for me yet, but you only get 10 minutes of battery life with it. That's why they have that super-fast charger.

I stopped checking their forum out awhile ago when it became apparent that they were not going to be a viable option for my line of work. Every once in awhile, for a thread like this, I take a refresher and dive in to see how bad (or if it has improved) it is

First, the Note 4 isn't even a thing now, second the Note 4 is like a super phone rather than an average smartphone, third the G3 and Note 4 cost/will cost way more than the One.

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

Yeah but a reliable company like Samsung will have it out not long after it is announce at IFA. We know it is coming and Samsung can actually deliver.

Yeah but at least with them you know you are getting a load of shit. OPPO sold a great device to the public then turned out to be full of shit.

Shouldn't it be quicker, considering cm is pretty much stock ui and the fact that they kind start laying out the groundwork now because they can start working off Android L preview you would think it would be much quicker.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

3 months after the official L release?
L+3 = L3.
HL3 confirmed.

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SOKP 4.4.2

Pretty sad that these jokes can still exist. But at the same time, it shows the existence of a fan base that most devs would kill for.

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No it shows that the frustration level with dealing with a joke of a phone/company still has someone paying attention to it. Believe me when I say that they blew the sales they could have had. This could have been pretty big, now it is way behind an also-ran

You'd be surprised by how much people on the internet are willing to flog a dead horse

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Dang, I just researched how long you guys have been waiting for HL3... All I can say is not me! I would've already stopped trying.

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Paranoid Android is already available on it and that team usually pushes out newer versions of android much faster than 3 months. This news doesn't put me off towards anything. 3 months isn't that bad actually compared to Samsung's track record lol! Samsung takes like 6 months lol!

That's mostly because of the carriers who have to test and make sure their bloatware works on the phone.

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Doesn't really matter if you can't buy the phone. I'll wait for the Nexus 6...I know it will get Android L too...
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The Nexus line and that could just mean tablets (we are pretty sure that is coming from HTC) but not necessarily phones. Google is taking a lot of OEMs, at some point they have to give back. The Nexus Phone is the perfect give back

Burke from Google said they still need "phones and tablets to develop for" he was talking about software. He said the Nexus line isn't going any where.

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

Just because he says that doesn't mean it's true and doesn't mean the Nexus line won't go away eventually.

Posted HTC One M8 via Android Central App

Is the SGS6 not a phone that they need to develop for? The M9? How about the PadPhone 3 tablet? or the Galaxy Note 12.2 (2015) edition?

He did say the line wasnt going anywhere but he did not explicitly say that we are developing a new Nexus Phone. As I said above, I feel confident that they are going to continue with the tablet line. Not sure about the phones.

If it happens, great! I mean that (as long as they do not muck it up like the last 3. More choices are better.

I do not think it is happening right now. We will see down the road when leaks start coming

I was excited for the OPO, but now I'm considering waiting another 3 months or so for the Nexus 6. I'm also considering the LG G3.

My new L+1X phone will get it within a month of the final L release as well.

Wanna know what my L+1X and the 1+1 have in common?

They do not really exist. They are all hype and no substance.

Apparently this went over your head. People are receiving their OnePlus1.

Obviously, as a start up they aren't in position to manufacture a gazillion handsets at their beginning. Time will tell.

They are not a startup. They are part of a huge corporation not unlike Motorola. It is easy for the parent company to pay for the initial production run and get the money back. Happens all the time.

Putting out 20 phones a week barely qualifies as "people getting the phone"

Once again, no they aren't. They are not part of Oppo. They have a few employees from oppo, and oppo owns a stake in their company, but they are totally new venture.

You always like to bring this up, when it's bs and you know it. Then you'll never provide any evidence and pop in again on the next OnePlus article.

You realize that there is a difference between pretending to be a startup and being fully backed, owned and funded by a major corporation right?

A start up owned by another company is not the same thing as saying they just have access to all of the parents money. And in the case of the article you linked to (finally attempting to back up one of your accusations), it only gave credit that Chinese media claimed this, no actual evidence.

I can launch a corporation tomorrow, if google or apple buys 51% of my stock, do i instantly have access to their billions? No, because that's not how it works.
Perhaps Oppo does own the company, but that wouldn't necessarily mean they have access to their budget.

By definition a start-up is an independent company, not a wholly owned subsidy.

If they are Owned by anyone, they are another arm of that company, not a startup.

Please stop talking, you are making my case more than yours

No, i guess you have trouble with definitions, it simply means its a new company, some say working toward solving a current problem.

So is Microsoft a subsidiary of me? Because I own some of their stock. The only thing you are proving is that you lack basic reasoning and debate skills.

You failed to address my first sentence. Sure you do, in essence subsidize Microsoft, but you glossed over the wholly owned part.

Microsoft is not a startup, neither is the OPPO 1+

Lets see.. what about Occulus? Makers of the well known Rift VR headset..

They were a start up, then they were bought by facebook completely, now they are a division of them, and not a small company. But, take Beats Audio, for a while HTC owned 51% of their stock, does that mean that every pair of overpriced junk headphones they made in that time were really "HTC Studio Headphones"?

No, because its a completely different thing to outright buy a company, and own stock in it. You've not shown anything that proves Oppo owns 100% of this OnePlus company, you merely post an article from some random little website that says other random news sources claim it.. No evidence whatsoever, they didn't even link to the supposed documents.

Then maybe they should have done pre-orders to gauge the interest of potential customers...or take orders and place them on back order...something other than the lottery system they opted for fueled by a hype machine. At this point, there is no indication of when the phone will actually be ready to purchase without an invite, but they continue to hype the phone daily on social media. As a consumer, I shouldn't have to beg a company to buy their product!
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That is one of the big scary things about this Business 101 says you get your seed money, build a batch, then take the profits from that batch to build a bigger batch. They work in on of the cheapest labor markets so they can lower the price to the levels it is at and still allow enough profit to continue as I said. With the backing of OPPO they should have been able to put 50,000 of these on release day and then order another 100K if needed.

They are thisclose to being a pyramid scheme.

The reason they did the invite system is to boost customer referrals, since they don't have the marketing budget for ads, and to limit production to a level they can manage.

They obviously failed there as well. If you give out 15 invites, but can only make 8 phones your a failure of a company

No one said anything about being turned away, but if I call OPPO 1+ right now, without an invite, will I get a phone? No, they are on the invite, contest, smash your phone, kiss my ass system.

Then what's your point? You said if they had 15 invites and made 8 phones they fail.. So basically your last statement was meaningless.

Funny you answer things you THINK you can, but a direct answer to your question gets nothing...

YOU go SHill

You didn't even ask a question lol...

You're so dumb it's just funny to watch you come up with more bs you think qualifies as a coherent argument. Where is your proof they aren't making as many phones as invites?

No, time already tells us that this failed.

With the G3 and S5 prime around you think people still take this phone seriously?

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It's half the price. Not everyone buys their phones at a subsidy. People still buy nexus phones half a year on. I don't see the problem.

Posted via Android Central App

The problem is that half a year on 1+ has nothing to show except excuses.

I hate the Nexus 4, am not thrilled with the Nexus 5, but they have a phone to put out to the masses unlike the OPPO 1+ does

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I would hope they would update to Googles Android L, then add their customizations.

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

LOL. That gave me quite a chuckle.

I think only 1-5 guys have it. And that's out of around a billion Android users.

At least those guys feel exclusive.....for now.

Never settle.....for something that missed its promised deadline for more than 2 times.

WHat have they shown you so far that would make you believe that? THey cannot even get the GPS fixed on their own phones with their own ColorUI.

This whole 1+1 fiasco makes me feel really bad for the CM guys. Being their only official hardware partner and all.

Posted via my tricked out Moto X.

I'm between the Nexus 6 or the OnePlus One... But I bet the Nexus 6 will be everyone l available before the One will.

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

Dont really know how I feel about L, but can't say that I blame them for releasing the latest build...they can't be the latest and greatest and not upgrade to the most recent build available.

Except HTC actually HAS a device to update for and a lot of people already have them.

Plus, they more or less kept their promises, unlike 1+.

The M7, which is about 1.5 years old as I write this comment, is currently on KK and will be getting L alongside the M8. Given HTC's excellent OEM record for updating their flagships recently, we should see the update around their deadline.

OnePlus? They don't know what 'deadline' means. Hell, the dictionary they use doesn't even have it as a word.

Oneplus is the worst dog and pony show ever. What I'm disappointed about is Android central continuing this propaganda for a phone that has not been released and that has far more problems than solutions.

I am guessing that they plan on going to each of the 200 or so phones they have sold and updating them manually is the reason it will take 3 months.

I wish everyone would stop giving these guys press until they start shipping a product.

I always like to take a little time to thank those that bring joy and laughter to my life. Thank you for this post.

Lol, i've honestly never seen someone in real life using a windows phone. No OnePlus One either, but still Microsoft is failing pretty hard lately.

The first thing you have said that is true. Microsoft has not gained a ton of traction. They can afford it though. They can hang with the losses and keep throwing money at it until it gains some share....exactly like they did with the Xbox

I've seen plenty of WP devices in the wild. Not as many as iPhones or Android, but enough that it's stopped surprising me.

Posted via my tricked out Moto X.

Yeah because OnePlus have displayed to the world that their release promises actually mean something.

You can't fix a shattered reputation with more promises when failed promises is what originally destroyed your reputation.

This phone takes so long to come to market because the battery is powered by unicorn shit ...why are people even bothered by this phone ..I'll keep my m8 thanks ...its far superior in every way..
That company won't even exist in 12 months time ...they have no idea...

Posted via Android Central App

Except as you keep proving you are wrong. The screen on the M8 is better (same resolution, M8 has a higher PPI), The M8 can be customized as well, the Storage is higher on the M8, the M8 has an SDCard, the camera (while sucks in standard mode) has MANY more features than the non-exsitant camera on CM (when did the y promise a new camera app?)

THey have their pluses and minuses, but to call the OPPO 1+ better than the M8 is an exaggeration.

The screen on the m8 is significantly smaller, nearly even ppi. Can you pop the back off and replace it with wood, kevlar or denim? no. Can you select either capacitive or on screen keys? nope. And thats the tip of the iceberg with cyanogenmod (granted you can root and install a rom on the m8 too, but its not out of the box anywhere close). The storage is not higher by default, you can get 64gb max on either, if you add an sd then yes. You are straight up wrong on the camera, there are way more camera features in cm, it has been shown in demos.. We don't even need to go into detail on the physical shortcomings of the M8's horrid camera.

The oppo 1+ doesn't exist you troll. We are talking about the OnePlus One.

I see you didn't bother trying on the obvious losses with the ram & battery.

Except OnePlus is OWNED by Oppo.

So, it technically IS an Oppo OnePlus One.

If not, then why is there a variant running ColorOS?

That is a retarded statement.

ColorOS is an Android SKIN. OEMs generally don't let anyone other than their subsidiaries or affiliates use their skin. You don't see any non-Samsung device run TouchWiz or any non-HTC device run Sense.

Android is different. It's open-source. You can use and tweak it to however you like it.

Please do your research before commenting...

That has nothing to do with research, i know everything you just said already. But im simply highlighting the fact that one running another software doesn't mean anything about business relations. Windows isn't free or open source yet numerous manufacturers use it as well, so again, your argument is flawed.

They openly say that they have worked with oppo electronics, and that their ceo is a former oppo employee, is it not possible that they got approval to use this in the mean time until cyanogenmod finalizes their build?

I think the main problem is that not everyone who got the invite has received their Ones.

It could be an issue on CM's end.

Oppo is just basically selling one to you now, but they'll give you their skin for it, meaning that you'll have to root n' ROM it just like any other Android phone.

It could be a backup plan all along.

The problem is that it is so hard to get and invite AND the company said, several times over that it would be up for sale now.

Show me one company in the world that shared their technology with a competitor. We are not talking about licensing. The OPPO 1+ is the same company.

I never said companies share their technology with others, hence, why I said "subsidiaries or affiliates".

Were you replying to him or me, because this website sometimes arranges replies in a really funny way...

Tons actually.. companies share tech all the time, many make them open source or royalty free even.

Tesla, they are basically begging for competition and just made their charging system open to all.

Tesla and others like ARM are different.

They allow others to use their technology as some sort of backbone for their products. Their main goal is to help push their respective industry forward, Tesla being electric vehicles and ARM being mobile computing. By making them open to all, others can use their tech and make their products better and push the industry far forward.

OEM Android skins are not. They are restricted to a specific manufacturer. You can emulate the skin through the use of a custom launcher, but you cannot share the entire skin with every Android OEM. Of course, the stock Android skin is the one major exception.

I'll also mention that some skin functions require special hardware. The Galaxy S5's skin, for example, requires a gesture sensor for Air Gestures. As far as I know, the Galaxy S4, Note 3, S5 and possibly the upcoming Note 4 will be the only devices supporting the feature, as they have the sensor built in. Putting it on another device without it makes the feature all but useless.

Well, if you're willing to install a Sense ROM, then it should work if it's compatible, which many are not.

If I am right, OEMs have patents on their skins. If another company not related to that OEM asks to use their skin, then it will most likely be rejected. I think companies may take legal action against others simply using their skin on their devices.

I am not arguing with you in the slightest. Sense can be ported to Touchwiz and vice versa.

I have not seen, ever (for example) Sense making a ROM for Touchwiz. I have never sen OEM X make something fully functional for OEM Y. They do not share code. One can emulate another but neither share.

I deleted several paragraphs of arguments with you on the phone. The all have their ups and downs. EVERY PHONE, compared to every other.

Point is, I can get on the internet and grab a M8 right this second. From any carrier in the world. On almost any website.

Or I can smash my phone and wait for an invite for a phone that is delayed for the umpteenth time for some reason other than their own.

Well, HTC is an established company charging significantly more for their products, and if you smash your phone and then wait for an invite all that means is you're stupid. The contest involves being picked, given an invite and basically free One and THEN recording yourself breaking the other phone.

Not to mention the M8 is a real product being sold a million times over. The OPPO 1+ cannot put out 12 at a time.

You say you are not an OPPO shill, but you only show up when there is an OPPO thread to defend

I guess you don't have basic detective skills, I am on android central pretty often, on many different topics.
You earlier told someone to click the name to get info, guess you already forgot how.

I am on here 6-7 times a day, I only see you when the OPPO 1+ is mentioned.

I did click your name an all I see is OPPO 1+ defense.

Well Idk what to tell you, I've been on here for about a year, and have talked on many topics. Project ara being one of the more recent. The only time I notice you is when you're trolling against this phone, so I just try to balance it out.

Do you have a profile on the OnePlus website? Or forum? If you do let me know the profile name and I'll give you my last invite when I get it later this month. Ignore the nonexus guy. He's just full of troll hate because he wants one so bad. If he didn't care, he wouldn't have covered 80% of this thread with his nonsense.

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Gnashing teeth, rolling eyes into back of did this to me, One Plus!

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They have to be kiddin'.. Three months? They have already a dev preview which IS FOR THE DEVELOPERS AND MANUFACTURERS to prepare their updates faster, and they try to put the same shit in our mouth talking about months? Ouch, no OnePlus anymore.

I personally think it's a bit of a waste trying to give it Android L. It's near impossible to even get one! They should soon make it available to the public, even for $50+ or more if necessary - then Android L on it seems reasonable.

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