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Yesterday we learned that HTC's flagship Endeavor and mid-range Ville are likely to be marketed as the HTC One X and One S respectively. Today brings the news that they may be joined by one more handset -- the 'HTC One V'. The news comes from British tech site Pocket-Lint, which says its own sources suggest the One V as a new entry-level handset.

Reported specs -- which the site admits it's "not 100%" sure of -- seem similar to last year's Desire S, with a 3.7-inch display, 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM (a slight bump up from the Desire S's 768MB). The alleged camera specs also match the Desire S -- a 5MP shooter with 720p recording capabilities -- though we have to hope HTC's improved upon the optics in that phone's camera. On the software side, we can probably expect HTC Sense 4.0 on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, just like the One S and One X.

The most interesting thing about the One V will be its price point -- if HTC can bring such a device to market at a budget price point, it could be very attractive to first-time smartphone buyers.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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'One V' rumored to complete HTC's MWC trilogy


Could they at least have all the Letters (superscripts) be in ascending order of phone features and quality?

S,V,X = Mid, Entry, Flagship respectively?

It's all very well, but it is the top end where the money and acclaim are at. HTC need a Galaxy S2 beater. Now I own a Sensation XE which I am more than happy with, but the masses (and many phone reviewers) seem to have sided with the S2 instead. Beats is brilliant (I don't care what anyone says) and I have faith that the ICS and Sense 4 updates will also be awesome but they need that cigar to get those rave reviews- maybe being the first Quad Core will cover it. I think using metal instead of Samsung's plastic is a great idea. Smartphones need to be tough to last two years. Then they need to market the hell out of their new phones. Everywhere I look in the UK there are Samsung Galaxy S2 posters and adverts.

Let's see if HTC sticks with just these three devices or if we will see another dozen released this year. If they stick with three, there shouldn't be any problem updating these phones in a timely manner.

While I am sure it is a factor, I don't think price point on subsidized smartphones is the major barrier to entry. I think the extra $30 per month for data is the barrier for most.

They can have these devices, but isn't HTC and Sprint supposed to reveal the new flagship Evo like they have done with the original Evo 4G and Evo 3D? That would make four phones...

I haven't read about Sprint and HTC offering an exclusive (a new EVO iteration).

I doubt HTC would want a carrier exclusive hence limited production and I doubt Sprint would want to pay for exclusivity. Sprint will be competitive with their no cap data pricing with their new LTE. Just conjecture. We'll know within 3 months.

I think I should get one of these since I helped name it :-).

My post excerpt 1/16/12

"I like the way that Samsung produced the Galaxy line in a worldwide platform. Different form factors for the carriers but if you got a Galaxy from Samsung, you got the top of the line. There is no such model for HTC. I would love to see an "Evo" line or Thunderbolt, etc. but one starting point for the high end "Cadillac" phone of the company. Whatever variation the carriers put on it fine but it is tip of HTC development. Motorola kind of did the same with the Atrix line on Verizon and Sprint. But HTC is all over the place. Make one solid phone with top-of-the-line hardware, quality material (like thin aluminum unibody designs), great specs, screens and processors etc. Call it HTC One (just an example) but market to all vendors as the Tmobile One, Sprint One, Verizon One...and update it once a year....."

Maybe HTC does listen to it's customers.