Samsung's marketing machine kicks up a gear with new TV ad

A world away from the goofy Super Bowl ads and iPhone mockery of old, Samsung's just sent over its first teaser ad for the Galaxy S4... and it's actually pretty good. The ad puts the product itself front and center, with dramatic close-ups of its design followed by quick demos of some of the headline features. Check it out above, and share your thoughts down in the comments.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 lands in the UK on Apr. 26. The U.S. launch is expected around the same time.


Reader comments

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 UK TV spot is heavy on drama, close-ups


Very dramatic indeed!

Looks really nice though --- toss up between this and the HTC One. Can't these two phones like have a baby and give me all the best qualities of both :P

So true. HTC just doesn't have the marketing muscle. They can't even get their flagship device on the shelves. Another smash for Samsung!!

True, but lets not forget, that big marketing budgets do not equal how good the phone may be. Most people are sheep to the heard, pick a phone that works best for you, not the phone that you are being told is best for you. :)

we seem to have pretty different views on being "pretty good". the old ads had some idea in them. this is just. meh. a bad, overhyped showcase. i'd say apple-ish even: bloats functions that not that important (gimmicky), and telling you how great innovation there is, but in reality there's not so much.

Wow. This Ad actually made me realize how beautiful the S4 is. It's actually pretty effective. Showcasing just the phone.

This kind of advertisements of Samsung will destroy HTC One's hope for marketshare.

Sorry, but the S4 is not beautiful. It's sadly a "meh" S3-S.
The HTC One is a work of art. HTC will market the One properly (I hope!) and take back some marketshare. The buzz from all the websites and blogs and forums show much more excitement and anticipation for the One. The S4 barely gets mentioned, because it doesn't stir any passion. It's just an ugly meh S3-s

Unfortunately, I don't know if HTC will, or even can, market the One like they need to. The online buzz and press is great but I don't know if it's effective. Example, online, a phone will be a flop if it doesn't have removable batteries and storage, but in real life, it's not a big deal. Online, the HTC One is the phone to have, but in real life, no one knows it exists.

Valid points. Just look at the iPhone as proof that removable batteries and storage don't matter. I do hope HTC gets some awareness to the masses, and not just geeks who read tech sites.

smartphone beauty is in the hands of the holder- I think both phones are beautiful in there own way.

the HTC one because of its premium materials and contrasting front.

the S4 because of the screen to bezel ratio. its artwork, same size phone, but bigger screen. I think anyone who hates mega sized phones would appreciate that.

and if you didnt notice... the S4 and One are both about the same size- but the gs3 has .3" bigger screen.

I do think that the HTC ONE has the better design of the two, but HTC will not be able to advertise it effectively. They just don't have the weight as a company to compete with the marketing giants like Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft. I love HTC's products, but I only know about them because I'm a tech geek. If I were the average consumer,however,I would know very little about their products because of the limited marketing in North America. I think HTC is a company that would benefit greatly from a merger.

True. It may be they need to merge, but with who? I think they would be a good fit product wise with an Asus and both are from Taiwan I think..... But I am not sure financially and not sure if there are Asus vs. HTC egos at play either.

Shouldn't we be seeing HTC adverts already? Samsung will win if HTC doesn't get some good adverts out there like this to at least make it known they have a new phone that is just as good. C'mon HTC!

The reality is the iPhone gets away without having a MicroSD and removable battery and wireless charging and NFC and a decent sized screen (before the iP5) because it's an iPhone and people are so brainwashed by Apple. On the Android side people have choice and they will look at a S4 and HTC and realize they get a removable battery, expandable storage (no need to dish out and extra $100 at time of purchase just to be safe), wireless charging, larger screen, not to mention a lot of nice software features on the S4. Only those completely obsessed with the arguably slightly better screen on on the HTC or those that simply hate Samsung will choose the HTC. It's just not going to be enough because these people only make up 5-10% of smartphone users.

No question about it that I will be getting an S4. Had HTC added removable battery, MicroSD, and not wasted so much space (large bezel) I would buy the HTC. Sorry, I'm all about logic and don't care about the "Premium look". Just looks more like a stupid iPhone and another reason to get the S4. BTW...

The actual reality is that the percentage of people who have actually switched a battery or SD card on an Android that was capable of it is significantly small. I had a 64GB card in my 16GB Note 2 and it crapped out. I replaced it with an 8GB card and have nothing stored on it.

The GS4 is the best all around phone, it is a fully no compromise piece of tech, not perfect but it gives you so much more than the competition. This is why Sammy always wins...

I personally would not have gone with 'Senses when you're close'.
This just sounds like more 'predictive' tech, which is not exactly popular with the majority I would say. Better to have specified what it 'really' does, in previewing content without triggering the full entity.