Gingerbread on the Galaxy S

The race is on to see which device will be the first to get an official upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and a new ROM has leaked out for the Euro version of the Samsung Galaxy S (that's the I9000 for you folks playing at home). It's not actually being pushed out just yet, but reportedly it's what you'll get if your phone gets sent in for warranty work.

And, no, this isn't what those of us in the states are waiting on -- you'll need the the official upgrade from your respective carrier -- or the Froyo update, first, if you're still waiting on that.

The the full walkthrough of the leaked Gingerbread ROM after the break, and get your download, plus full instructions, at the source link. [XDA Developers]

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EggoEspada says:

Looks like it's still TouchWiz 3.0. The new one is much better.

ChaosZero112 says:

TouchWiz can burn for all I care.
AOSP, LauncherPro or ADW GX for me.

ghess517 says:

2.3 for DINC please.....

alarson83 says:

We're seeing it for droidx, galaxy s, hopefully htc gets it done for incredible.

Installed from Beta ROM Kitchen.

JS8 with voodoo is faster but I'll keep this one anyway.

ghess517 says:

2.3 for DINC please.....

russd456 says:

why are the benchmark scores so low?

ls377 says:

Because Samsung insists on using a crappy outdated file system.

My money's on the EPIC!!!


ts0cha0tik says:

Can someone post the issues it has if it has any?

ts0cha0tik says:

Can someone post the issues it has if it has any?

Check XDA. My GT-i9000 has no problems.

It's going to be slower than JPY or JS8 because you cant lagfix yet but I expect that will change soon.
Maybe even before I'm done typing.

Timelessblur says:

You know this just means the carriers here suck even more with there crap.

To bad Samsung and other manufactures can not do what Apple does and THEY control the updates. Not the carrier blocking stupid crap.

TheANARCHY says:

More & more this is becoming the truth of the matter. I was firmly in the camp of blaming Samsung for no updates. But it is obvious now that in most international markets updates are widely available. The CARRIERS need to be hammered over the lack of updates. It rests with them at this point entirely. Verizon has rejected 3-4 updates for the Fascinate because of "Stability" issues. Yeah right. Stability with the crapware bloat they put on it maybe. Google better wake up soon & take the update process out of the carriers hands. Apple got this right with the iPhone by using iTunes to update their software. OTA is nice on the bullet points but for most of these phones the carriers are halting progress to upsell the customer on new phones.

sookster54 says:

I steer clear of leaks for a reason. :P

DVNO says:

Where are all you samsung haters now?!?! Dummies.... #NEverAgAIn....hahahaha

Idk y everyone bases the phone off of the benchmark scores, banchmark scores meam nothing its just another thing people like to make a big deal out of

E_man says:

I would have cared more if I wasn't switching between an exceptionally stable CM7 rom and a beta MIUI rom, both gingerbread based.

Deoki says:


It has been noticed that this build is, in fact, a beta of 2.3.3, as opposed to the previous GB leak that was a beta of 2.3.2.

This build has many rough edges and your statement (about THIS being the installment that will be given to customers) might turn out untrue.

There's still hope for:
- Faster scores due to optimization;
- Orange bounce, screen-off animation (TV effect);
- TouchWiz 4


RobUM2011 says:

So.. maybe Verizon can get Froyo out for the Fascinate sometime soon?

onixblack says:

This will not be out for American Galaxy S for another year lol

Who cares?

If you cant install a custom ROM get an ip0wn.

Naris says:

Since the US carriers probably want you to renew your two year agreement I wonder if it'll ever show up in an official capacity at all?

And since the hardware for all the US carriers is somewhat different in varying ways from the international versions I'd imagine custom ROMs might take awhile to finally trickle down to us.

thezero4 says:

The carriers need to learn to stop messing phones up, let Samsung HTC and Motorola put out phones without hardware or software modification by the carriers and things would be much better. They apparently didn't learn from the iPhone that people don't really want what they are selling.

Clorox Kid says:

Alrighty, lets get to work on the Epic maybe?

usagi111 says:

Old news, I downloaded that package and try'd to Odin my Epic with first sign it wasn't meant to work was the "CSC" file was included...that put out red flags, but I tried it anyways...Brick'd my phone and got it replaced by sprint no questions asked...avoid this like the plague....does give hope for the future thou.

WickedStyx says:

The fact that you have an Epic and this is for the I9000 didn't put out any red flags?? You do realise one is CDMA with a slide out keyboard and the other is GSM right? Also this leaked ROM has only been out a couple of days.

awesomo4308 says:

Sweet, Sprint rewarded you despite being completely, utterly stupid.

Whoa, does this mean 2.3 coming to the Vibrant is an actual possibility?

I had pretty much accepted that 2.2 was it for me.

jdm4u says:

lol its funny at the end he was going to show off the crt animation and i bet when it didnt happen he was like "w...t...f?" and tried again but nothing. Damn it Samsung.

hansonator says:

I read the screen animation can be activated. It is above my head but it is in the xda forum-Samsung-Android-GT-I9000-General.

I can't wait for the Darky Gingerbread custom ROM. Once you go custom you can't go back to stock.

draco1277 says:

I would like to say to everyone complaining about not getting updates and or are waiting for the official updates. Get over it. This site and xda has enough reference pages you could build you own phone. Root your phone and flash a rom that may be better then the original 2.2 build. I have been through the whole waiting for att and the 2.2 update and when it happened was not impressed. Currently running a phoenix ultimate with no glitches.If and when 2.3 comes out your either getting a new phone cause everything is going 4g or your device cant handle the new software. Just my thoughts.

marko727 says:

I want the screen-off animation, orange (or atleast SGS-blue) bounce effect and TW 4.0 when the official update rolls out, otherwise what is the point? To watch higher scores in benchmarks? Ffs. And before you start crying, NO, I will not root my 450-Euro phone.