OfficeSuite Pro 7

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel editors get new tools to make working with documents easier

OfficeSuite Pro 7 users should check Google Play, because an update to version 7.1.1222 is now live -- multiple tools and features have been added. The major global change this time around is the new dual screen support.

Word documents can now make use of the Oxford Dictionary of English for spell checking, which comes preloaded (other dictionaries can still be downloaded from the Mobile Systems website). Also added was the ability to perform a Google search from within the Word editor, for easy lookup of words and phrases. Tables resize for separate branches in Word is now possible, as is the replacement of existing in-document images. The PowerPoint editor gains links and shadows support, while the Excel editor gets an improved UI and better font formatting, as well as Autofill with cell dragging. Excel sheets can now be reordered too.

Adding your own images becomes easier, with the ability to take a picture and insert it directly into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Problems with Mobile Systems' companion app, QuickSpell, has been worked on and compatibility has been improved.

If you don't already own this app, but Jerry's recommendation was enough to convince you to jump onboard, you can follow the Play Store link at the top to download.

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still1 says:

I love this app. best $0.25 I ever spend

slider999 says:

same game over here. :D

n0obpr0 says:

Word. =)

Bruh-Man says:

Dual Screen... S'wm talkin bout!! Galaxy Note 10.1, 8.0, Note 2

mattiisme says:

i just dropped my s3 pick me please!????

Sh3ngLong says:

Uuuh... you probably meant to post this in the "Win a Samsung Galaxy S4" article.

mputtr says:

^----- Happy Office Suite user here as well. Tried all the office apps that was offered by amazon and just kept coming back to office suite.. I just can't justify using anything else.

kba712 says:

Yay...Galaxy S4 will be a nice replacement for a galaxy S2