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British mobile operator O2 has begun rolling out a new, faster mobile network standard across major British cities, according to reports. Crave​ is reporting that O2 has started switching on DC-HSPA. The "DC" part stands for dual cell, and this new standard doubles the bandwidth available over traditional HSPA+, enabling maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 42Mbps. For the less technically minded, it just means faster 3G data, assuming your phone's hardware supports it.

And that's the big sticking point at this stage. Right now there are only three leading devices that support DC-HSPA -- the HTC One X, the new iPad and the Nokia Lumia 900. In any case, if you're rocking a One X on O2 in a major British city (no word on which ones), then you'll likely be treated to faster data speeds from now on.

Rival UK networks are looking to roll out DC-HSPA later this year, ahead of the expected UK LTE switch-on in 2013 and beyond. Three says it'll start upgrading its network with the new standard "this summer," while T-Mobile and Orange (under the "Everything Everywhere" banner) are reportedly aiming for the end of the year. Vodafone tells ​Crave it already uses DC-HSPA on its network, albeit at slower speeds of up to 28Mbps.

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O2 UK reportedly rolling out DC-HSPA in 'major cities'


What the point of 02 doing this, when all they give their customer was 500megs (now pushed to 1gigs) of data. Surely it means people will be buring through their usage that much faster ?

They will be, this is fast...let me do something else...and before they know it...they have ran out of data...and have to wait til the following month.

O2....increase the data usage. I rather be on a slow network..and have have "decent" data..than a fast one...which I can't use after a couple of days...

"Faster 3G data" I know this was much debated, but wasn't HSPA+ agreed to be called 4G? It still isn't LTE, though...

It will be interesting to see whether this limitation will make any difference once we see the average data speeds. Either way this is merely a stopgap until carriers get their 4G roadmap sorted.

I love that last remark it tops up at 21mps. Because at the moment I'm getting max 14mps on wifi and 1.9mps on 3G, so that 21mps sounds like out of this world. I don't know what my one x is capable of, does anyone know.