Tegra K1 chips

NVIDIA has provided details about the new "Denver" Tegra K1, the first 64-bit chip designed for Android devices. The new chip, a sister to the current 32-bit Tegra K1, was designed for the highest single-core throughput possible, in a dual core ARMv8 package. Most interesting to Android fans, is the mention that NVIDIA is already at work developing Android L on the new hardware.

With rumors of an NVIDIA-powered 8-inch Nexus tablet so widespread, there's a good chance we just got a look at it's processor. Follow the source link for more technical details.

Source: NVIDIA


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NVIDIA shows off the first 64-bit processor for Android


I hope the nexus doesn't have an nvidia processor. I have never been impressed. I had a transformer prime and the original nexus 7 and they just are slow for day to day stuff like using chrome and hoping between apps. I don't need 64 shaders. I need snappy.

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I sort of agree with you for gaming it's the best but for day to day like scrolling through app drawer opening apps Its fast don't get me wrong but not as fast as Qualcomm offerings a day this is from experience from using a HTC one x and nexus 7 2012 and Asus transformer prime

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This processor is the best mobile processor ever created. The Denver architecture has been 7 years in the making, its a technical achievement that you must at least appreciate.

The tegra 3 was relatively weak, but the tegra 4 was solid, the 32bit tegra k1 is really good, and the Denver k1 is better than anything else.

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Its a fricking in-order operation chip that rivals Intel core chips in shear performance!

This. Is. Insane. Let me just put this in perspective for you, cortex A15 and the new A57 chips are both out-of-order chips, which means they sacrifice power usage for performance. Nvidia managed to get an in-order chip to perform at a greater level then the out of order cortex A15 (it remains to be seen for A57) and fit it in a chip that uses a fraction of the energy. A cortex A7 is an example of an in-order chip, the puny, weak, modest A7! I am baffled that nvidia was able to accomplish this.

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You would think so, but its in-order.

"The core microarchitecture of the CPU is unique in that it has an in-order pipeline"

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Sad but true about Asus Prime and even the TF700. I've had them both. Bought the TF701 as well and that was the best tegra processor at the time. It was on par with the Snapdragon 800 and in some cases actually was better when it came to games. I returned it though and bought a note 2014 instead. But I haven't given up on tegra just yet. Just got a shield tablet with k1 and for me this is the fastest and best processor in my book. Maybe when the snapdragon 805 comes around it'll have some competition. But this thing doesn't skip a beat even if I mirror via HDMI, its silk smooth unlike any of my other devices on hdmi (note 2014, note 3). GPU can't be touched. 57fps on GFX T-rex screen on and 29fps on Manhattan. I think this time, Tegra hit a home run and I'm sure the 64bit would be just as good.

The tegra 3(especially the early models) had well documented IO issues that caused inconsistent UI and general use problems. I have not heard of such proplems with the tegra 4. It seems they ironed them out.

The bigger concern is the possibility of nvidia dropping support later in life. Again though, they seem to have a new attitude and strategy starting with the Tegra 4.

I couldn't disagree with you more. I don't game, and I've loved my transformer, and now the Tegra Note 7. It's very fast. What I don't like is the 7" screen--too small--but I love everything else about this tablet. Now I'll wait for a 10 or 12 inch tablet with the 64 bit K1.

yea, tegra is good at graphics, but day to day, well....
interesting the constant animations of everything in L, perhaps...
Is the tegra 64bit chip built for phones?

Fingers crossed that this puppy will end up in the Nexus 6 then! If the rumors of it being a 5.9" phablet end up being true I'd have 0 reason to buy a Note 4.

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As for the nexus 8 rumors, if nvidia didn't imply it by saying "tegra k1 Will Be First 64-bit ARM Processor for Android"... Then idk what that means.

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Short Qualcomm and with proceeds buy Nvidia.

Unfortunately Qualcomm got caught napping not expecting 64 bit necessary for Android. Apple, the first to deploy 64 bit. Perhaps Qualcomm was correct We'll see.

Everyone was caught off guard, nvidia was just lucky they had been developing their 64bit version for a few years already.

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No one was 'Caught off guard'. Qualcomm invented this game, invented integrated basebands which this does NOT have. You think the 810 is already being sampled? It was shown at CES, along w/ the 805.

AND THERE IS NO 64 BIT ANDROID! Nor does there need to be w/ Java, as all JRT runs the same.

Does this also apply to Dalvik? How about ART? Pretty sure that ART is optimized for 64bit execusions.

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Yeah, no one knew it was coming because it is not necessary at all. Apple brought it though and now everyone has to follow.

Nvidia earlier designs may have sucked but this chip will be a beast. Only real rival will be the apple a8 and intel chips. Arms design for the a57 is nice but nowhere as good as apple or nvidia's implementations.

I hope this means the next nexus gets a smart cover as cool as the nVidia Shield cover. I have that setup now and it is awesome. I don't need the streaming abilities so if the next nexus has front facing speakers and an awesome first party cover I will switch out. It is pretty clear most people have not had experience with even Tegra 4.

I had the shield portable and the shield tablet now and they have been the fastest Android devices I have owned. My phone is a Nexus 5.