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In the next version of Android — now known as just Android L — notifications are getting a big overhaul, taking over your lockscreen and becoming smarter about what you're doing on your phone at any given time. When the phone is locked but turned on, your lockscreen now becomes the notification pane, giving you a list of useful information on what's pressing on your phone right now.

Swipe down once, and you then get a full list of notifications, where you can then double tap individual notifications to launch the app, or swipe it off to the side to dismiss it. Swipe that notification shade up, and your phone will unlock back to your homescreen. The shade itself takes on a very Google Now-style design, with individual white cards lining up with space between them, and stacking up underneath each other when there are bunches of relevant cards.

There's also a new type of notification called a "heads up notification" — that can pop in from the top of the screen over your current app without disturbing completely what you're doing. The example given in the demo today was a call coming in while you're playing a game — you have the option to accept or reject the call while the game is still full screen, or you can simply swipe the notification away to dismiss it altogether without taking action.


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Notifications take over your lockscreen, are more actionable in Android L


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Now I wish I had a stock android phone for when this comes out :/
I'll just root the M8 I guess haha

That's why you only stick with Nexus or Motorola phones folks.

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I have yet to hear of a case where someone tried to return a phone that had been rooted and was told "no". I have, however, heard of a number of people (including myself) who were able to restore their devices to stock and get them replaced no problem, even after rooting and flashing custom ROMs.

"Heads Up Notification"?
I believe that LG & Samsung already have an option for this in most of their phones.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!

Google is finally adding some personality to the UI for once. I'm glad for this.

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BB 10 already has these type of notifications. Looks like other platforms are noticing that BB 10 with its features is much better than what most ppl think of it

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Yes it was creates by Nokia and Intel. The first OS to have swipe gesture UI but it was discontinued in favor of Windows Phone. After Nokia abandoned the project Samsung entered and team up with Intel to create Tizen Os.

Man, all the operating systems are just copying from each other. That's not a bad thing though, it's starting to feel like there's no learning curve when switching over to different platforms such as iOS and BB10.

Ya if all these OS's companies are copying it each others features but there is still a learning curve. More for some. BB10 has no home button pure just swipe gestures. A bit to learn in the beginning but once you know it you just flow through the OS and the apps

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With all this beautiful work by these great guys at Google, why do the OEMs still insist on adding a layer on top of it.

Moto G

For a more complete feature set? It isn't like these new things will not be incorporated into Sense, TouchWiz, or whatever skin comes on whatever phone....

I now believe that when Android Central or any other blog reports on the new features of Android they should preface it with: "In a Google Edition or Nexus phone you will now see..."

The GE/Nexus phones are the only phones that use exactly what Google shows at these conferences. Every other phone uses some variation of what is shown.

Of course, you could always install the stock Google launcher and get this same experience. You're not "stuck" with the launcher that Sammy or HTC put on the device.

To your last point on the heads up notification... EEK!!! i had a work phone that was an iPhone, and let me tell you how terrible this is. There is one environment that KILLED this feature for me. When using the GPS, every notification would do that... a text, email, etc... and it blocks your driving directions! i found it to be SERIOUSLY inconvenient quite often. no joke.

These type of notifications can often be tweaked, disabled, etc. in settings. If you are an Android and have Tasker installed, you can program Tasker to disable those notifications when certain apps are opened, like your GPS/maps, and then reactivate the notifications when you exit the app. It really does make your smart phone, well, smart.

been using heads up notification for a few days (gravity box xposed mod)it's actually really good

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Finally! Well so long as they don't screw it up by not allowing the option for complete customization of what apps we want to be notified about.

Supposedly, there are setting to control which apps show lockscreen notifications, and even how much info is shown per app (for privacy).