Chrome Canary for Mac

A way to shut off some of those Chrome Notification pop-ups finally lands on OSX

Chrome Canary, the bleeding edge version of Chrome designed for ultra-early adopters, is a great platform to preview features that will be making their way into the Chrome stable channel some day. The Notification Center for Chrome is one of those features, and now Canary for the Mac has a much improved version, complete with settings.

Chrome notifications are those toast message boxes that can appear for certain apps, like Gmail or Google Drive. They're designed to be a little bit of a nag so that you notice them, but quickly disappear after you've had time to look. They're generally a good thing, until you get overloaded by too many apps that want to tell you things. This has been in the Windows and Chrome OS builds of Canary for a while, and the improved Notification Center is expected to appear in the Linux beta channel and Canary for Linux soon. 

If you want to give Canary a try, you can safely install it alongside any Chrome channel. Click here to give it a look.

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Notification Center settings in latest Chrome Canary for Mac


So is Chrome Canary subject to more breakage than say the regular Chrome which crashes quite a lot on my iMac? It's almost becoming a joke the way the browser stops responding and crashes.

I think you have a very subjective problem. Chrome has literally never crashed on my MacBook. I use it as my default browser and it just goes. I suggest uninstalling it, making sure to get the files in "Library" and reinstalling it.

I find it humorous that the response to almost every new feature from WWDC is a resounding "FINALLY!!" from the crowd.

Kinda like that copy & paste in iOS, yeah? lol