Nexus S

Bad news for anyone in Australia considering picking up the Nexus S when it's released on Vodafone over there. It looks like the Aussie version of the device will be missing the Super AMOLED display found on other Nexus S models, instead replacing it with a Super LCD screen.

Vodafone announced earlier this week that it'd be carrying the Nexus S in 24 countries, though right now it's unknown whether any other territories will have to settle for an AMOLED-less Nexus S. The fact that the Super AMOLED model appeared on a Vodafone Germany preview site suggests that the situation may well vary from country to country, in line with rumors floating around towards the end of 2010. [Vodafone]

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sword_chucks says:

Nicely Done Samsung! Way to screw up a google phone... I should hope Google is thinking twice about working with samsung.

I'd be a pissed off Aussie

joe007 says:

As long as it has donut/eclair I will buy one.

DNicolasL says:

What? Nexus S has Gingerbread

joe007 says:

File > insert "sarcasm_tag" Really? "/sarcasm_tag" The Nexus has Gingerbread?

DNicolasL says:

What? Nexus S has Gingerbread

sorry double post

hfm says:

To tell you the truth, I don't think this is a bad thing. Overall I like the SLCD on my G2 more than the SAMOLED on the Nexus S..

happajay says:

I don't think the super LCD is that inferior to the SAMOLED. Now when you compare the SAMOLED to the old non IPS LCD on a phone like the HTC EVO, then yes it would be a let down. The super LCD still has vastly superior outdoors viewability

icebike says:

How is it on power? Has anyone seen any side by side comparison of battery life?

Alex Dobie says:

The basic rule is AMOLED is more efficient displaying darker colors, SLCD is more efficient displaying lighter colors. SLCD apparently has slightly better visibility in daylight. AMOLED has more accurate color reproduction and no backlight bleeding, because the pixels themselves are lit.

Impulses says:

That's SuperAMOLED, not regular AMOLED (which almost no one is using anymore it seems), just saying. Also, more saturated colors doesn't mean more accurate, they're actually pretty badly calibrated... But it's not like anyone's doing photo editing work on a phone. SLCD displays much sharper text, personally I'd take that and better visibility under sunlight any day.

ahRDie says:

The Nexus S will NOT come with SAMOLED to Germany as you can read here
Vodafone Germany changed it to SLCD. Your are not alone Australia.
BTW, France will get the SAMOLED Nexus S

uansari1 says:

I'm neither Australian nor in the market for a NS, but this is a travesty.

Dropp says:

Jus make the damn thing with ATT 3G bands already!!!!!!

msgnyc says:

To be completely honest.
If I had the choice I would opt for the SLCD over the SAMOLED display anyways.
Similar battery life, better outdoor/daytime visability and more natural color representation.
But hey, thats me.