Neil Gaiman is a best-selling author; a top writer in the comic realm, a wordsmith of poetry, journalism, film, song lyrics, and drama; but NOT an owner of a shiny G1 Android phone from T-Mobile.

Just as I encountered the day before the G1's much-anticipated launch, Mr. Gaiman has blogged his own experience of epic failure in trying to get a G1 on launch day from a T-Mobile store near him. It's both a comedy and tragedy - you should give it a read.

The thing I found most fascinating is that a T-Mobile store in a non-3G market would display all the posters, signs, and paraphernalia to participate in all the Android / G1 hoopla, but not have a SINGLE G1 phone in sight nor know anything about it??

Funny? Check. Sad? Also check.

What is your experience with finding a G1 at T-Mobile? Anyone in a non-3G area have this kind of experience, or did you call the stores first?


Reader comments

No G1 Love for Neil Gaiman


I live in a non 3G area so yesterday I just ordered it online avoiding the hassle. The G1 shipped last night and I'll have it today.

I just checked the UPS web page and the G1 was deliverd 30 minutes ago! I'll let you know how activation goes when I get home from work.

I'm in a 2G-only area. No problems at all activating it. When I visit 3G areas it sure is nice, though. For internet I rely mostly on wi-fi.