Nexus Two, Nexus S, Nexus whatever

We're not sure we'd call this an actual hands-on, per se, but Gizmodo says "a friend of ours" got to play with an upcoming Samsung device that will be the Nexus Two, or Nexus S, or whatever the darn thing ends up being called. From what Giz's friend says, it pretty much sounds like a Galaxy S device with a front-facing camera and a slightly different, more curved shell. We'll just have to see, won't we.

Oh, and before you wet yourself, that's just Giz's mock-up you see above, not the actual thing. [Gizmodo]


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Nexus Two (or Nexus S) reportedly a lot like the Galaxy S, only different


Why does att not have any decent 4.3 inch phones, I hope this one is. D'oh I need tapa talk double post.

I believe all the carriers are picking this up so no worries there. Just so long as Sprint doesn't throw some gay assed slide out keyboard on it.

I would have preferes the Epic without the physical keyboard as well but that was the best selling Galaxy S phone in the U.S.

I have no intention nor desire to own an iphone. Nor do any other software keyboard owners, or they'd have an Android w/physical keyboard. We simply exercise our freedom of choice/preference that is inherently ANDROID. I PERSONALLY (being a key word) strongly prefer the on screen keyboard and occasionally swype too. Your statement @peterfares is simple minded and overall unsubstantiated iphone envy. Its okay u can go ahead and get one, just don't go projecting your insecurities on us in the Android community that love our Androids.
EVO2DROIDX (lol C? No phys keyboard!)

If this is coming to sprint I will buy it day one. Im starting to like android but I want to be able to upgrade to the newest version once its available, none of this skinning and tweaking nonsense all the OEM's and carriers throw at it that delay the updates for months.

Very wise padowan :) I was hoping it would be htc. But let's pray sammy surprises us and doesn't just regurgitate the Galaxy S renamed. I think it will be a fine successor to the N1 Samsung doesn't want to be “that guy" they've been out to prove something.

My sentiments exactly. Let's hope Google is in charge of setting hardware standard though, like they did for the Nexus One..

Other concern I have is that if these are indeed going to be available for all carriers, as is purported.. what's to stop the carrier bloated or restricting certain features?

Genius..the phone pictured isn't the actual device. And all the info says is it "sounds" like a Galaxy S device. Not looks. Could very well be a much different look to it.

Nice but I see Samsung as a good maker of the nexus line of devices look what they did with the galaxy s line it's on all 4 major carriers. Without touchwiz and with Google in charge of software it will make a great device

dang foreal, why does it have to be samsung. i would consider buying it...if it was HTC. i'll just hang on to my N1 till something better comes out.

The build quality will be nowhere NEAR the Nexus One if it is anything like the Samsung S lines.

The Nexus One is the best phone in terms of build quality among other things IMO.

Not a rightful successor of the Nexus name if you ask me.

You're right the build quality will probably be a bit less than the original nexus one, but if samsung makes it maybe the touch won't wig out every once in awhile and flip poles like the nexus one does.

Say what u wanna say about sammy..but my vibrant and the galaxy s line are as top of the line android as they come..I think an s with pure google would b fantastic. Sammy doesn't have the greatest support but they do have the best hardware

My wife has a Vibrant, and it has good internals and a great screen, but as far as build quality, it has nothing on the Nexus One.

I wish the ome come together and make somethin with motorolas metal bluid quality with htcs style and samsungs interenals with stock android that's my dream phone and I'm sure it would sell big

Must - Vanilla Android, Front and back cameras(HD Capable back). Sprint, don't care if it's 3G or 4G, and I will personally wait for the phone to hit.

Won't go for it if it doesn't have an RGB LED notification system. Love my trackball notifications of my Nexus One!

Uhhh Samsung... I can imagine those horrible, unresponsive capacitive touch buttons like on the Epic. That would kill it for me!

Why isn't it a HTC phone, or even a Moto, but not a Samsung. I have owned two Sammies and both were crap. Never again. My G2 might not be rooted (yet), but I'll take an unrooted HTC, or heck an unrooted Moto, over a Samsung any day.

Gizmodo says its plastic.. erg... now I must wait for an unlocked dev phone with good hardware. Next year maybe. But from reading gizmodos article it seems as though the nexus name will live on but not push the envelope and piss off the manufacturers.

Samsung? God no

Call'em haters all you want..but that cheesy puzzle piece unlock screen, craphole touchwiz UI, plastic toyish build quality, numerous software/hardware issues and slow as hell updates make samsung just ...bad. I'm sure I forgot some more..but it is what it is..

How's froyo on the much overhyped galaxy-s line...oh wait...just imagine how long you guys are gonna have to wait for 2.3~!

I am officially off the nexus 2 bandwagon...this phone will fail

i guess we are missing something from what i notice the galaxy s line in way faster than anything htc has put out and htc has crappy camera on top of that lol my storm 2 camera is about has good as the evos and its only 3.2 lol the droid x and droid 2 are nice but idk i dont really like htc much i guess because snapdragon is well kinda slow compared to the TI and hummingbird chips

hopefully it will have a LED camera flash and LED notification light. That's the 2 thing i miss with my cappy. sigh...the agony. oh and a working GPS!!!!! And no iphone look-alike pls!!!!

I'll have to see it to believe it. As a loyal N1 user i'd say it served its intended purpose. The N1 is the genesis of all smartphones today. Any other iteration of this phone seems like a good idea, when in reality the execution will never be on par with the expectations set by the original. There most likely will never be a completely bone stock android device ever again. That is particularly evident if samsung ends up being the manufacturer.

If it is as the article says, and available on Verizon, I'll seel my AMOLED DInc and but this one day one!
It doesn't look like it will be LTE, which is a little bit of a let down, but I'm in anyway.

Gizmodo is known to say stupidly misleading stuff anyways, I certainly hope Google won't leave it up to Samsung for the successor, it just won't be the same without a trackball or trackpad.

I think it's going to be a totally different phone. Hell, might not even be Samsung and turn out to be HTC. Also, I don't think it will give the "WOW" effect the Nexus One gave us.

look like im not the only one that disappointed that it being made by samsung, but then again even it was htc im still not going to purchase it since it going to be vanilla. i love htc sense too much.