Are you a Samsung Nexus S owner who has been experiencing random reboots during calls? If so, you'll be pleased to know that Google has now been able to replicate the issue and is working with Samsung to address it. Although reported a while back, this bug has a history of being noted and then quickly being declined based on the fact Google never felt it was an issue with Gingerbread but rather a manufacturer related issue.

We're guessing the attention given to the SMS bug lately has caused Google to start looking at the communities bug tracking efforts just a little bit harder. At this time, no fix has been issued but hopefully we can expect one very soon now that the reboot issue has been acknowledged. Thanks Andrew! [Google via XDA]


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Google confirms Nexus S reboot bug


Here here. It's exactly the reason I was turned off completely by the Nexus S even though I was dying for a Nexus One replacement. No worries though, Moto, HTC and SE have come through for us AT&T users. The only reminder that there is such a phone as a Nexus S are the Google ads all over the place, it's got no chance against the Atrix.

I doubt the experience with the SMS bug has anything to do with this.

What got Google's attention is Warranty Returns. Its easy to blame the manufacturer for some random problems. But when its YOUR own warranty on the line it gets noticed.

Excellent. Thanks for the publicity Google has reopened the thread and its no longer declined. Now we better have a fix ASAP!


Why so much Samsung hate? With no disrespect with HTC, they make great phones but Samsung phones have great displays, and superior processors, in the end thats whats important (I have a Nexus S and the build quality is much better than it looks in photos)

If HTC made it probably will still be stuck on a 2nd gen snapdragon with SLCD. They too also have their share of problems.

2nd gen Snapdragon is on par (if not better) than Hummingbird. And SLCD vs SAMOLED is mostly preference, since SLCD tends to have more natural/accurate color, while SAMOLED aims for more vivid color. The big difference though, is SLCD uses 30% more power than SAMOLED