Nexus 7 Sleeve

High quality, just the right amount of protection and a little Nexus flair

Google historically hasn't had the best track record with making a lineup of accessories available for their Nexus devices. Between the almost nonexistent Galaxy Nexus accessories and the horribly late Nexus 7 dock, there haven't been too many highlights. With the Nexus 4 Google stepped in the right direction offering a bumper, headphones, charging cables and a Qi wireless charger.

We now have our hands on the first official accessory in the era of the new Nexus 7, the aptly-named "Nexus 7 Sleeve", available directly from Google Play for $30. Original snafus about the absurd shipping prices aside, this still isn't a cheap case. After all, the Nexus 7 itself starts at just $229 so why spend so much on protection for it?

Well, we find that you get what you pay for.

The sleeve is a relatively unassuming case, made primarily out of a flexible but durable black neoprene material, with a light rubber stenciling on one side. The cross hatch pattern is broken up in the bottom right corner by an embossed "Nexus" logo, which matches logos also present on the zipper handle and on a tag inside.

"The entire case is extremely well made, with not a stitch out of place."

Flipping around onto the "back" side, you have a stitched pocket that can be used for accessories such as a charging cable and headphones, but we also found it fits a Nexus 4 quite snugly as well. The zipper opens from the top left corner of the case around to about half way down the opposite side, giving plenty of room to get your Nexus 7 (the case fits both the 2012 and 2013 models) in and out without turning the case into a floppy mess in the process.

On the inside you have an extremely soft grey microfiber material lining, which should keep your Nexus 7 safe no matter how long it gets left in there and bumped around. The zipper edges are pretty well protected from the tablet as well, which should save you from errant scratches. Combined with the appropriately snug fit around the edges of the tablet, this case provides a good amount of protection without being too big.

The entire case is extremely well made, with not a stitch out of place. We have to say that although this case is expensive, you're getting a quality piece of gear here that will protect your tablet without question. Throw in the extra accessory pouch and some subtle but cool "Nexus" branding and you have a case that can definitely be an option for the enthusiast that wants to protect their Nexus 7 and look good doing it.

Let's hope this kicks off a whole lineup of high-quality Nexus 7 accessories available from Google Play.


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Nexus 7 Sleeve review


Nice review. I bought a Jlab neoprene sleeve for mine on amazon for $1 with prime Free shipping. It has a pocket that hold a USB cable' kindle charger (I got as a lightning deal for $5), Slimport adapter, and a BT iPega gamepad. Personally I did not think the price was worth it for the Nexus brand. That being said, I am still waiting for the premium case or one like it to be released (price pending).

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Great, detailed review. Cheap tablet or not, I would like some kind of protection when it's in my bag. This screen is too pretty to have scratches on it.

It would have been great if Google had some kind of trade in program for my old N7. ;(

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I think I'd rather have Google keep making extremely affordable tablets then have some kind of trade-in program. That means its less expensive for everyone to get it, rather than just those who had one before.

There is just one thing that can ruin any good looking tablet and that is scratches in the screen. A good case is a must have, saying that if you are one of those everything Nexus nuts then this is for you. I don't think 30 bucks is too much to pay for a quality case with the Nexus name all over it. If you are into the Nexus theme then it is a buy.

>"nonexistent Galaxy Nexus accessories and the horribly late Nexus 7 dock"

What are you complaining about? The Nexus 10 didn't even get a dock AT ALL. Didn't even get a POGO charger or a sleeve nor a case. In fact, the ONLY thing Google/Samsung came out with was a stupid flip cover with freaky color and no stand.

Believe it or not, I got this flip case for 99 cents (plus shipping) , and it just arrived yesterday. And its great!

It now sells for thirteen dollars including shipping on Amazon. I like the fact that it provides protection and usability in that I don't have to take it out of a sleeve before using it. I just open it like a book with one hand. It also comes with a magnetic sleep/wake sensor and a stylus, which has done wonders for keeping the screen smudge free. I figured I couldn't lose at 99 cents and I still think its worth it at 13 dollars.

amazon url - /gp/product/B00E0L43VM/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I'm with you guys. I looked all over for a case for my new Nexus 7 too and the best deals were found on Amazon. I did splurge though and bought this from Portenzo:

They offer cheaper options but loved the design of this, and think it offers the best protection. When it closed, it looks like a textbook. Handmade. Look'em up on YouTube. Mine should be coming in late this week.

Looks really nice, maybe not $30+ nice.

I'm happy with this simple one I got no zippers or Velcro to contend with. Works fine for just tossing my Nexus in my bag when I'm on the go.

It's the Leather Google Nexus 7 Sleeve by Dockem on Amazon.

Nice, but I would rather have a book style case with a magnet to turn the screen on and off. If you commute a lot I can see you dropping the tablet on the subway floor as you take it out of the case.....

If my crappy case ordered off of Amazon through iBLASON doesn't arrive this week, I'm getting one of those sleeves. I might get it anyhow to complement my N7.2 on longer trips.