Nexus 7

Additional $79 accessory bundle includes Chromecast, screen protectors and car charger

Right on schedule, Verizon has listed the Nexus 7 (2013) on its online store. $249.99 and two years of your life gets you the 32GB LTE-enabled and fully Verizon-certified Nexus 7, which can be added to your Share Everything plan for just $10 or set up on its own account. If you choose to pass up the contract (we advise that for a tablet) you'll be paying $349.99 — the same price as you'd pay from Google Play.

Buying direct from Verizon gives you a simpler setup (coming with the SIM in the device and all), though, and the carrier is even offering free shipping from its store to save you a few bucks. If you're looking for some accessories, there's a bundle for an additional $79 that nabs you a Chromecast, some screen protectors and a car charger (Verizon claims that's a $11 savings as well).

If this is the day you've eagerly been awaiting and you haven't yet pulled the trigger on an LTE model from Google Play, hit the source link and buy yours from Verizon now.

Source: Verizon


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Nexus 7 arrives on Verizon's online store for $249 on a two-year contract with free shipping


Maybe the phones in 2016, I think tablets will still be around.

As time is passing, I am putting g that rumor aside as well.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

That was a rumor started by a Tweet from some random Russian guy with no sources listed. I would take that with 1000 pounds of salt. I will post that the next iPhone runs Android on Twitter in an hour. You guys should post 20 articles about that after I do. Must be true despite the fact that I will not provide my sources.

What an absolutely ridiculous ripoff. How can they justify that price?

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Isn't the nexus 7 without a 2 year contract the same price outright? That's ridiculous. Sadly enough of idiots gonna fall for it.

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Well non-LTE. With LTE is $350.

But yeah, this price is absurd to the point of hilarity. But it just goes to show how much Verizon don't want Nexus on their network. They probably did it on purpose to dispersuade people from getting it and use their tablet instead.

The one sold thru Verizon is actually $0.99 more than if you bought it from Google Play. However, Verizon usually throws in expedited shipping. Ground shipping is free via Google Play. Just not sure what type of shipping Verizon is offering for free.

I guess the extra 99 cents for the 7 from Verizon also nets you a sim card, if that matters...

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The nexus 7 is the next best tablet to the Ipad Air with a much lower price point

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NO!!!! Having to get a 2-year contract defeats the purpose of Nexus! As long as you have an already activated SIM, just pop it into a Nexus 7 from Google Play and you should be good on Big Red.

Before you buy this make sure it's unmolested with Verizon modified firmware. You don't want to have to wait on Verizon to get updates.