Nexus 5 Snap Case

Google Play has just added yet another case offering for the Nexus 5, this time called the Snap Case. It's a hard-sided case (hence why it'd need to "snap" on) that fits around all sides of the Nexus 5, and is a harder-looking material than the previous Nexus 5 Bumper case.

It's available in five color options — black, aqua, grey, white and clear— for $29.99 from Google Play, and shows to be shipping in 1-2 business days. This probably isn't the cheapest case of this style out there, but if you have a thing for the first-party case offerings and have a little "Google" swag at the same time, this may be a better choice than the previous Google Play offerings.

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Hammad Sami1 says:

Don't like cases with cut outs because the buttons become too flush

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wunderbar says:

I would actually buy the aqua one if the shipping wasn't another $12.

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Really? Saver shipping is $3.99.

wunderbar says:

I should qualify that I'm in Canada. Google still hasn't quite figured us out yet.

Andrew forgets that not everybody lives in the USA.

Considering he directly works with people in other countries, I highly doubt this is the case.


You are correct.

bswitzer1 says:

I'll stick with my Tech21 Case. But it is great to see something towards (presumably) the end of this phone cycle.

DesertVelo says:

Looks very similar to the Spigen Slim case...

Jacques says:

I wonder though if it fits more snug than the Spigen verison. My beef with the clear Spigen is that debris sneaks in there easily.

milesmcever says:

Yes but for 7 bucks with a screen protector from amazon I ignore that part. That and I'm using one of the glass screen protectors, love it doesn't have the normal screen protector feel, its like I'm running it naked.

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Jacques says:

I'd love to just have a skin all around. But, two kids=drop phone magnet when I'm not looking. :p

rxnelson says:

Which glass protector? I think I ordered a Nilkin and it spiderwebbed on the bottom. It didn't crack it just didn't adhere all the way and looked like crap.

milesmcever says:

iloome was the brand got it from amazon. I got the screen clean and put it in place, then just pressed in the center of the screen. I haven't had any issues and I've had it about 2 months now.

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lilhappygal says:

Aqua looks so cool n bright!! Bt 29.99$ is way too costly for me! I would prefer spigen. I wish spigen has some funky ones

Gekko says:

Diztronic TPU. best case best value bar none.

jamie says:

What I'm rocking. Works great and cheap.

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bozstuff77 says:

Yes! I've used these cases on my galaxy nexus, nexus 4, and now my nexus 5. Great cases at a great price.

redeyss says:

+1 for diztronic tpu.

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crxssi says:

+1 $10 vs. this Snap thing at $34? No contest. Plus the Diztronic covers the top and bottom properly.

DirkBelig says:

$10 vs. the $2.59 I paid for this case, which is $2.46 now including free shipping?

Accessories, especially cases are like printing money for the sellers. If someone is able to turn a profit selling and shipping cases for 2-1/2 bucks, imagine the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for those selling those same cases for $10, $15, $30.

FunkyKoval says:

+1 yep
I think TPU or other soft material is the only way to go as hard cases don't absorb the energy of the impact.

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Axe says:


I have the Ringke SLIM, which I also used for my Nexus 4. Love it.

DroidOn says:

I have a strong distaste for cases that leave the top and bottom of phones fully exposed, like this one.

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jbaker46 says:

If it wasn't for that I'd consider guessing the white one.

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yankeesusa says:

Oh man, let me go and spend $29 instead of $10 for a Spigen that offers better protection. NOT!

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cl0ckw0rk81 says:

Does NFC work using this case? Or the wireless charger?

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s_special says:

Yes, thin cases won't give any issues

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Justin967 says:

Can someone explain to me why OEM cases, or accessories for that matter, are practically always really overpriced?

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Because people will blindly pay for them thinking that since its the 'official' one, it must be better.

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Mostly, plus the convenience of ordering at the same time as the phone and having them arrive in the same box. Something to be said for that.

egernant says:

Might also be to not piss off accessory suppliers and partners. It's very difficult to compete with an Official Google case if Google competes on price. Accessories are a huge market, and Google (or Apple) would be foolish to harm that relationship, resulting in less third party case options for its products.

littleemp says:

To be fair, if they are selling the phone so much cheaper than the alternatives, then I don't mind them putting a little mark up on official accessories in order to make some money.

Looks extremely similar to the Ringke slim cases :o

s_special says:

The LG hardshell case on Amazon is much cheaper and the most minimal

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egernant says:

Right but it doesn't say Google on it, so there's that.

$29? Hahahaha You can get the exact same thing on eBay for like $3. Google is smoking that good stuff!

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retsaw says:

The quality of plastic used on the $3 cases doesn't compare to what is used on more expensive cases like those made by Spigen. It isn't fair to compare the price to those cheap nasty cases. Compare it to the quality third party ones, which it is still significantly more exclusive than.

Though I've no issue with the TPU used on the cheap TPU cases I've bought, rather in that case it is the design quality and fit that doesn't match that of my Cruzerlite one.

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gregs1213 says:

CruzerLite and Diztronic offer excellent cases at 1/3 of the price. These also leave some of the phone exposed.. I had one like this before from Amazon, but ended up getting a TPU because it leaves too much room for it to break.

MarkSeven says:

Would've been better if they had the Nexus logo from the phone on this case as well.. I mean for $29.99 u would think they would put in the extra effort.. Smh.. I'll just stick with my Spigen case.

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Deegan says:

$30 + shipping? Nope!
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