Nexus 5. Nailed it.

Nexus 5 render by +Jason Lavigne. Nailed it.

You're here because you watch the Internet, and are interested in all manner of Android news. That means verified news from Google, or the folks who make the products, or even the people who sell them. It also means interesting tips and rumors from insiders and people who were lucky enough to see or hear something a bit earlier than the rest of us get to see or hear it. That's pretty cool, and we love to talk about some of that as much as anyone else does. 

Last night, a device that surely sounds like it could be the next Nexus phone showed up at the FCC. When coupled with a pulled video about the KitKat statue on Google's lawn that showed a phone we've not seen before (we all know them by sight, because we're big fans — just like you are), and the Internet rumor machine was in full swing.

But it's time to sit back, and talk about what we really know about what's next from Google.

What we know about the Nexus 5


We can guess. We can hope. We can wish. But the fact is, nobody who can and will say anything about the Nexus 5 next Nexus knows anything about it. All the renders and specs flying around are just people's best guess. Some of the guesses are probably very close to the mark — at least on some things — because the people guessing have a pretty good handle on what we've seen in the past and what we may see in the future. But some are just wild speculation, based on wishes and dreams. I get it. I have wishes and dreams, too, and like to talk about them with like-minded people. We all do, especially when it's about something we have a little passion for — which in my case, a new Nexus phone would fit that perfectly.

We also aren't going to judge anyone who wants to take these rumors and imaginative renders seriously. We may poke a little fun now and then (like the image at the top of the post here) but we understand why they do it and that they mean well. It's just not how we do things, and that's good. Imagine an Internet where every blog and news site was the same, droning out the same content in the same way every time some news shows up. I don't want that, and you don't want that. We're happy with the way things are. We have a lot of respect for other Android sites and what they do, and love what they bring to the table. It makes for a better experience for all Android fans — including us.

So for everyone sending us in tips about rumors and renders of a phone that doesn't yet exist, keep doing it. We want to see them. We want to talk about them in the forums, or on Google+ or Twitter. But don't be offended because you don't see it on the blog, because that's not our style. When we have news we think we need to pass along in an official way — whether it be from a bona fide on-the-record source or a rumor — we make sure to post it. For the rest, we're regular Android-junkies just like you are and love to talk and read about it. 

When we get something solid about the Nexus 5 or KitKat, I promise you guys will be the first ones we tell. Scout's honor.

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NoNexus says:

But my nexus rumor is the best because it is about a nexus and therefore infallible logic!

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mwara244 says:

February this year LG said officially that they were in negotiations for the next Nexus phone, that is the first and last of the nexus info for this year so far, other than droid-life said something that Moto could possibly be getting a nexus from someone at Google only speculating

Johnny Z says:

Best render so far.



bam0130 says:

+Over 9000

nbell978 says:

It's over 9000!

MrBucket85 says:

What?! 9,000?! There's no way that can be right!


Lol, in my opinion, that never gets old (Some people will, politely, disagree with me).

Green_Laser says:

This ^^


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jamie says:

9000 x infinity!

Posted via: It's always sunny in Pensacola!

bayou bandit says:

BS... I live in Pcola and I've never seen as much rain as we've had this year! Some of these storms have been ridiculous

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FortTech101 says:

Did you mean P.S. ?

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

DEman19901 says:

9000 x infinity +1!

Markieb says:



armend4l says:

nice try... but no

Hunter Petit says:


Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

NoNexus says:

Now that my snark is out of the way, the Nexus that is coming sounds great from those FCC documents.

It is something I would buy if it comes in 32gb

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I will hold you to that. ;)


Haha beat me by 15 secs, Joe!


ok, so if you buy one, you have to pinky-swear to change your username, lol. Deal?

NoNexus says:

But you will not know it's me...

I am getting the note 3 but this is on the list because I like gadgets and at a low price it cannot be beat

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Actually, if I bookmarked an article that you replied on, your old username would link to your new one, lol. But, yeah, the Note 3 looks to be a beast; and it never hurts to have a companion device.

littleemp says:

I'm hoping for a 32GB $350 version, since that would mean that it's going to be possible for me to snag a 16GB $300 version :D

Darth Spock says:

But we know everything about Android 5.0 KLP which "leakers" had been using for months! Oh wait, neither of those things exist. But we know everything about the 5 Nexuses from every OEM! But wait, no, those don't exist.

bryan64613 says:

I just posted something similar to this. I agree with you. I think they are playing another joke on us.

jaeskill says:

Never thought about it, but "coincidentally" there happen to be two people, side by side in the same stance, one happens to be using a Nexus 4 for comparison sake... nobody else is standing along the same plane as them (there is another photo taker between them, but a few meters back... why isn't he up there with them getting the best possible shot also?). Seems staged to me, but I never got a chance to see the source video.

The guy isn't even looking at the screen.

figueroaw says:

Video is on youtube. Look for nexus 5.

...and I agree with you. Looked staged. A teaser. lol.

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Kvoth says:

I would actually go so far as to say the phone could be edited in. The edges are quite harsh, there's no shadowing or anything, the same guy is seen in another scene holding a different phone... And it's just too convenient that you can't make out the brand whereas it's clear as day on the N4 (which is further away).

Finally, the size of it doesn't line up with the one that got passed through the FCC, which I would put somewhat more credence in.

Vizualize says:

Cheers to that Jerry! Id buy that Nexus render in a sec!! SHWEEEEEEEEET!!!

masterpfa says:

If you can change the orientation of the logo to portrait, I'll place my order Jerry :-P

tantai says:

yeeeaaaahh!!!'s Nexus TIME..

planoman says:

It is coming and soon! Pretty excited about it too!

bryan64613 says:

What makes you guys think that Google is not playing another joke on us? Look what they did with the whole KLP software and it end up getting called KitKat. I think I make a good point here.

Gracticus says:

First off its not Google, most of the rumors are based on an LG FCC filling which means there is a phone with those specs. What is important to realize is that we don't know what phone that is. The reasons for thinking it's the next nexus is because the camera and flash shape and size match the one in the video, and the screen size matches some analytics data found by the nova launcher guys.

impulse101 says:

So they are sending devices through the FCC as a joke now? Isn't that illegal and also would be retarded?

Xingularity says:

Any device that is going to be tested in the US has to file for FCC clearance even if they never make it to market.

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When did anything come out of Google that said the next release would be Key Lime Pie? 


Belatukadro says:

Well said, sir.

That said, I'm still wondering where people are getting an LG logo out of that video still. There are absolutely lines of blurry text, but if you look at LG's logos in the past few years, they are anything but subtle, and ALWAYS centered on their horizontal axis.

EDIT: Nevermind, I think I see it. I still think its a bit too subtle, but I guess I can kinda see it.

seanjenkins says:

If you watch the video it's very clear. The stills are obscured by the reflection

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tantai says:

Fantasy, more fantasy, it would be nice if the authors of these silly waste of time ,
make believe articles would stay silent.. till facts appear.

Belatukadro says:


I think that should be a meme on Android sites once someone starts extolling the virtues of Nexii


Thanks, for bringing us back to Earth, Jerry!

Nailed it. If this ends up being the final design of the released product, I will buy it on day one.


Be sure to have a spare refresh button, lol.

rootedVette says:

Shit... That and a fifth of whiskey.

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Sicily1918 says:

You know, I'm paying much more attention to the cute girl with the N4 next to the [supposedly] new phone, not so much on anything else in the pic... anyone else?


Pass Go and collect $9000, lol. Yeah, she is pretty hot.

Oh, in before Jerry says that he is disappoint for nobody mentioning her, lol.

impulse101 says:

If she was more than a 5 I would look at her

jomcty says:

A girl, yes; hot, no. Okay at best.

bleached says:

We know the dimensions, screen size, basic shape, chip set, radios, NFC, Qi Charging and camera placement. Some of those are a given, but they are not quite "nothing" unless FCC documents are not reliable.

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codiusprime says:

Except the assumption that the FCC listing is the next Nexus is just that, an assumption.

MedioGringo says:

Except that it's based on the fact that it uses the Nexus naming convention and that it's running an unreleased version of Android and that it looks like the Nexus phone we just caught a glimpse of and it matches all the rumors. I mean, I guess I assume gravity still works when I get out of bed in the morning, but maybe I shouldn't assume...

Xingularity says:

Which it has to if it's going to be used as a test platform.

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bleached says:

Yeah, it is really not an assumption unless we think Google would send a decoy to the FCC.

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You actually think that Google releases every test device as a Nexus? Manufacturers have multiple prototypes for devices, sometimes they get released sometimes they don't. All the FCC filing means is that its a real device and they are making more than one or 2 of them.

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You actually think that Google releases every test device as a Nexus? Manufacturers have multiple prototypes for devices, sometimes they get released sometimes they don't. All the FCC filing means is that its a real device and they are making more than one or 2 of them.

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bleached says:

Yeah, it is really not an assumption unless we think Google would send a decoy to the FCC. I am sure they do not play games.

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yahoowizard says:

Here's a good render:
Taken from:

I'd like to say it's better than the render already provided.

Right, with no front camera or sensors :P .

Jerry's point is that no matter how good a fan render is, its a fan render and there's no way it should ever be taken as the reality of what a device will be.

brendilon says:

Unless you're in WebOS Central, where even fan renders are breaking news.


Sadly, yeah

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dammitcubs says:

LOL i like how this dude became the most famous person we don't know with a device we are dying to know.

jtc276 says:

We have information that is probably about 75% certain to be true, so I wouldn't say nothing. Humorous article, though. The render is hilarious.

dwboston says:

I love these periodic articles from the tech blogs chastising us that we don't really know anything about "device X" and these are all just rumors. A day or two later they'll breathlessly run a post with blurrycam photos of some rumored, unconfirmed device, all without a trace of self-awareness.

The irony here is that we have a pretty clear photo of a new Nexus device and pretty solid information from the FCC filing, which is way more than this site usually has as it breathlessly reports rumors. Spare me the moralizing AC, even with the cutesy attempt at the end to lighten it up.

TenshiNo says:

I don't know how long (or how often) you've been reading the AC blog, but they always state very clearly, when they're reporting something that's just a rumor, that it's *just* a rumor. Saying that they report it "breathlessly" is a big of a misnomer. I've never seen an article at AC that just "gushes" about some piece of total speculation.

At some point, when stuff starts making the internet rounds, they're in the position that the have to say *something* about it, or a bunch of their readers will complain that they're not mentioning it. I think that's fine, so long as they stress that it's just speculation.

gotzaDroid says:

Thank you! Best new nexus rumor article yet. I'm so tied of all these baseless rumors. Can we say "Key Lime Pie"....

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jdbii says:

I wish the cable news networks would make a service announcement like Jerry's next time they start reporting news based on nebulous sources.

MedioGringo says:

I don't get this post. Since when are documents from the FCC rumors? This device looks exactly like the photo of the Nexus phone from the video, it's called "hammerhead" which fits with the Nexus naming convention, and it's running Android 4.4 which isn't even out yet. This is the next Nexus. Sure we don't know all the specs yet like internal storage or megapixels, but we know the dimensions, screen size, resolution, processor, what bands it runs on and lots more. That's almost everything. The likelihood that some other phone that looks just like the new Nexus, runs Android 4.4, uses the Nexus naming convention AND fits all the rumored specs just passed thru the FCC is pretty slim. This isn't wild speculation.

jdbii says:

All true but still nothing verified. Anything is possible. In theory Google could announce at the end of the day that they retired the Nexus line and this could be an LG phone not associated with Google or the Nexus brand.

MedioGringo says:

Sure, or Superman could come down from outer space and grant me all his powers. Man, that would be awesome. But the reality is, this is very likely the next Nexus. I mean, sure, Apple could hold their event on the 10th and not announce a new iphone, but if we're not being totally ridiculous, we all know that they will.

At this point, it's more ridiculous to claim that this isn't the new Nexus than to claim that it is.

jdbii says:

Now that would be cool. :P

wynand32 says:

I tend to agree. We have three solid points of reference to go on here, which is more than most rumors. Simply the fact that it's running Android 4.4 is enough for me--how many other devices pass through the FCC running an unreleased version of Android? I'm pretty sure that's exclusive to the Nexus line.

XavierMatt says:

Ignore Jerry. He's trying to be Cool to all his Android geeks. I agree with the other comment, this post comes off as chastising.

Editor in chief of

Avirup Das says:

Great post.

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Droid Brick says:

But I heard the Nexus 5 would be able to make phone calls. Are we ruling this out now?

NoNexus says:


It wouldn't let me reply to you directly. You have good points but for every one of those I can show you 5 thread shits that say how great it is

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Ok, so I'm not the only one to have that problem, when using the app.

NoNexus says:

Yeah every once and awhile it will not let me reply to certain posts in a thread. I can reply to the one above or below, but not the one I want

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ddot196 says:

I just pray it has a bigger battery than the alleged 2300 mah. Sorry that just isn't enough. My nexus now doesn't last a full day for me. Ever. I wish I could wake up at 6, take it off the charger and use it all day till I retire to bed around 10-12. That just isn't possible with my current nexus. Please have a large battery.

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What if KitKat helps produce awesome battery life? As in, we don't know yet...

MedioGringo says:

Or maybe the Snapdragon 800 is way more efficient than the S4 pro.


It had better be; it's advertised to be more efficient, not to mention it's newer lol.

If you seen the video the Nexus logo is actually shiny or reflective. I have the video on my tablet and when the camera pans around you can see a reflection.

Adamsville says:

party pooper

vic_singh says:

Lol...this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while

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this render looks funny

Mackster248 says:

This editorial kind of bashes other android sites for writing up the Nexus 5 stories, but doing so in the nicest way possible lol.

Why not just go out and say that it's stupid for other sites to do that and that Android Central is better because you guys are choosing to not run with it, rather than attempting to sugar coat it.

It's what you guys are thinking anyways.

Xingularity says:

They are not bashing anyone. They are just stating their point of view. They are choosing to not join in on the rampant speculations and why.

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Orion78 says:

No Jerry! You will not rain on this parade. I know more than you damn it! BTW.....awesome render. Lol

David54 says:

Pretty sure it IS going to be called the Nexus 5. If you look at the render, the S on the end of nexus looks more like like a 5 than anything else. Can't believe you missed that Jerry....

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hewey_mx5 says:

What we have seen so far does sound like it could be the next Nexus. The thing to remember is just because it has gone through the FCC, that doesn't mean it will get released. I think that's the point Jerry is trying to make.
This absolutely could be the new Nexus. It also could end up that they decide to go with a different processor, different radios, or any number of changes to what we know about this phone.
Until Google says something official, everything is speculation.

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Ry says:

Could be.

But nothing is official until it's official.

Nexus Prime anyone?

Ry says:

Thank you Jerry!

DaeDae says:

What if Google surprised everyone and released a Nexus phone.....AND a Nexus Phablet?

MartyDel says:

Lemme know when the Nexus 6, the pleasure model, comes and Pris will have alot of catching up to do.

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Jnorton2724 says:

Actually...we know that it will be announced and released eventually. That's a fact! Sorta....

Sent from my HTC One

Wait a second! Doesn't Apple own the patent on that rendering? It IS a black rectangle with rounded corners.

Storage has never been an issue for me. As long as it comes in at ≥16gb, I don't mind. I don't need, nor will I ever need 32gb and I don't even live my life on the cloud. I just simply delete the shit that takes up space when I'm done. Play Music All Access has definitely helped too.

All I need from this nexus is 1080p screen, or even 720p wouldn't offend me, LTE and the best camera Google that stuff in this thing. I'm tired of using Nexus with bad cameras. LTE, camera, 1080p, and I'm sold. I love my N4 but I'd still sell it in a heart beat to get a N4 2013 with those items. If not I'll just hang on to the N4 and soak up the kit Kat update.

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tjrsasealm says:

Best render so far I ever seen! xD

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godfrey2000 says:

nexus series is not special and attractive as before.It was a mistake to choose LG as a manufacturer. tell me one reason to upgrade fro nexus 4 to 5... what can be so revolutionary in the next nexus? maybe finally I will find normal case for it?

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NoNexus says:

How can you even say you don't see a reason to upgrade before you even know what the 5 will do? This is a dumb statement. Wait at least for the announcement before you complain that it sucks and there is no reason to upgrade

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plunder says:

Obviously there will be an updated LTE capable Nexus phone in the next few months. I just hope they drop the daft notion of glass both sides, give us a 32Gb option with 2Gb RAM and put a bigger battery inside the thing. Android needs a flagship that bounces when required and works hard.

Awesome A C

selwinfrogit says:

I think the design from the video looks too similar to the new nexus 7 for it to not be the next nexus phone and I have to say I'm loving my 2013 nexus 7. If they do keep the some design philosophy then it will be my next phone.

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In my opinion camera is going to be a game changer for a google nexus.

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androidalais says:

What would be cool is if they did like Apple did to the Macbooks and made it so the NEXUS logo lights up when the screens on. I saw someone who modded their iphone to do that (no i'm not an apple fan just sayin some designs are cool).

TankMech says:

Well apparently these guys found out a model number.. not all too sure where they got the info from, but there's some more thoughts.

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Kayone73 says:

What I love about the denizens of the Internet are thr insanely entitled wishlists and expectations they heap on this phone, and every other new release (the demands/complaints) around the release of the MotoX were embarrassing.

So it seems that people want the new Nexus phone to be:

Anywhere between 4.5-5" screen depending on who you ask. Full HD

Some super camera

Snapdragon 1 million quad core CPU or some equivalent

64gb + storage

Bootloader unlocked

And for a price at least $100 cheaper than the 16gb Nexus 4 because anything more than $300 no contract for a top spec new phone is complete robbery. If it's anything less than they will refuse to buy it

Did I get that wishlist right?

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aikonriche says:

Throw in at least 32GB of internal storage and you'll have a major SGS4 competition. The meagre internal storage has always been the major dealbreaker for Nexus phones.

pac0naut says:

I wonder if Google is trolling us...

Posted via my Porcelain Throne

Hunter Petit says:

Lol! Trololololol

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Hunter Petit says:

So what I think the Nexus 5 will have... ( this includes some leaks)
Screen: 4.96 inch screen with Gorilla glass 3
1920x1080p 440-450 PPI
Processor: Snapdragon 800 clocked at 1.9-2.3 GHz
2-3gb ram
Android 4.4 kitkat
Camera: (this is the tricky part) 16-21mp back cam, 2-2.1mp front cam
Stereo speakers
Did I miss anything?

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jean15paul says:

y u no post my breaksclusive tip re: nexus powered water cooler?!?!?! ANDROID CENTRAL SUCK NOW AND 4EVA!!!