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Good news for anyone in Germany looking to track down a Nexus 4 -- the 8 and 16-gigabyte versions of the coveted handset are back on sale, with a 1 to 2-week estimated shipping time. As before, Germans can pick up the LG-made Nexus for €299 with 8GB of storage, or €349 with 16GB.

In other territories, including the U.S. and U.K., the phone remains sold out. However, LG has recently indicated that the supply situation should be improving towards mid-February, and says it's recently ramped up production of the phone.

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Nexus 4 back on sale at German Google Play Store


It just appeared in the US! I reloaded the page after seeing sold out and there it was... it took me approximately 2.4 seconds to complete my purchase. BOOM.

FlounderingOrca: Thanks for your post. I just ordered. I had to do it 2x b/c the first time I got the dreaded error. I was f5'ing for a while but had to do something. Came back and read your post. Order completed!!!

Shhhh... don't tell anyone.... OK?

I just got one from the US play store too.

Aw... what do I care... I already got one.