Microsoft has announced that an upcoming version of Skype for Android smartphones will allow its users to connect to their phone's address book for the first time.

Microsoft states this new feature, which will be released as part of Skype 5.0 for Android, should make it easier to find contacts that Android phone users already have on Skype. It said:

After you download the latest Android update, in the coming months you'll be prompted to verify your phone number. From there, the app will automatically look for contact matches between Skype and your address book. When matches are found, you'll see new contacts show up in your Skype people list. Your Skype contacts will keep evolving as more friends in your address book join Skype. And rest assured, once you connect your address book, we won't spam your friends.

Users who sign onto Skype with a Microsoft account will be able to connect their address book to other Microsoft products and services such as and Windows 8. Microsoft says users will have the option to disable this feature by going into Skype's settings. It added:

And don't worry, your number will not be a public part of your profile. You can modify the phone number associated with your account or deactivate it completely, if you don't want to be found by your phone number.

Microsoft says this feature will be included in other versions of Skype in the months to come. What do you think of making it quicker to add new contacts to your Skype account?

Source: Skype blog


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The next version of Skype will make it easier to find the people you actually want to talk to


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No, Skype, you cannot have access to my contact list.

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