ZTE Redbull

ZTE has pulled the wraps off its latest – seemingly China specific – smartphone, the Redbull. And while it doesn't give you wings and may well end up the subject of a lawsuit, it does offer pretty decent value for money. Packing a 5-inch 720p display and a 13MP Sony CMOS camera sensor, the Redbull will cost the equivalent of just $135.

Other specs of note are a quad-core Snapdragon (MSM8926 or MSM8928) CPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage with microSD card expansion and a removable 2400mAh battery. The Redbull also comes in an 'Energy' version – you can almost smell the lawsuit from here – which bumps the RAM to 2GB and onboard storage up to 8GB. This races the price slightly to around $160.

Oh, and it comes in a variety of colors, including some quite bright yellow and green options. It's gone on sale immediately in China, but there's no indication if we'll ever see it anywhere else. And if we did it'd likely have a different name.

Source: GizChina, CNMO


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The new ZTE Redbull doesn't give you wings, or cost a lot


I gotta say, that's some pretty impressive specs for that price. Except the on board storage. But that's recoverable with expandable space.

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I can't stop smiling at the name, especially the Redbull Energy version lol. Nice specs!

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I doubt there'll be any lawsuit. I don't know the rules in China but for the most part there can be two trademarks with almost identical names as long as they don't overlap industry wise.

The energy version looks like a pretty decent spec-ed device for 160!

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Many sites say that the processor is a snapdragon 800 while one says it's a snapdragon 400. Let's see which one.

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