The T-Mobile 3G rollout continues! The month of May has T-Mobile 3G coming to four cities. Rockford and Springfield, Illinois should already be enjoying the speed of 3G while Henderson, Nevada and Wichita Falls, Texas just needs to wait a couple days in order to experience the fast data speeds of 3G!

Like we said, slowly but surely T-Mobile is covering the nation in 3G. Hopefully, it's not so slow that 4G will already be prevalent by the time T-Mobile finishes!

[via tmonews]


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New T-Mobile 3G Cities!


Being in Wichita Falls I'm a little shock to see us on the list yet alone so soon. Hope it turns out to be true, would love to get off of GPRS (yes, no edge here) for my G1.

Why would your boss think more of you for getting the same phone everyone else has? If anything, your boss should think most of the person who has the iphone with the most business friendly solutions. This would be have to be, unfortunately, WM, or Blackberry OS. Not Mac OS X Mobile, or, sadly, Android.

Please, stop with the elitism. iPhone is a good product, but it isn't for everyone, or for every need...